How to cancel AAA Mid-Atlantic Roadside Assistance

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Get Help Now!

Members of AAA Mid-Atlantic Roadside Assistance pay $52 for basic membership, $99.50 for plus membership & $123 for premier membership annually. A one time enrollment fee also applies. This stands in contrast to using where you will pay only if and when you use it. You don't need to throw money month after month or year after year, pay only when you are in need on the go!

You can cancel your Mid-Atlantic Roadside Assistance by calling 1-866-636-2377 or visit your local AAA store.  

To cancel your Mid-Atlantic membership please follow these steps:

1. Call the AAA Member Service Center: 1-866-636-2377

2. Select Member Services

3. Select Member Options

4. That will connect you with a customer service representative, who will cancel your membership

Oh, and #5. Download app on your mobile so you will get roadside assistance 24/7 has you covered across the entire Mid-Atlantic region, whether you get stranded on the road outside Wilmington, Delaware or run out of gas at Interstate I-95, near Pimlico Race Course, we can get you back on the road in less time than our expensive competitors. So please remember to download for peace of mind. If you need of roadside assistance for jump starts or tire changes, lost keys or refueling, you'll be glad you have our app.