How to Cancel AAA South Dakota Roadside Assistance

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Get Help Now!

While members of the AAA South Dakota Roadside Assistance will have to pay annual fees whether they use the roadside assistance program or not, smart drivers who download will not only save on yearly membership fees but also be given flat rates. Why wait? Ditch your membership today and download now!

To cancel your AAA membership, you will need to contact their membership department by phone or email. You may email them at - just remember to include your AAA membership number.

To cancel your South Dakota membership please Call: 1-800-222-4545 x1626 or follow these steps:

1. Call the AAA Member Service Center: 1-800-222-4545

2. Select Member Services

3. Select Member Options

4. That will connect you with a customer service representative, who will cancel your membership

Oh, and #5. Download app on your mobile so you will get roadside assistance 24/7

Whether you are traveling across the state of South Dakota on Interstate 90 to the Black Hills National Forest, or going north on Interstate 29, is there to help you. Drive with assurance in knowing that is there for you on demand at the touch of an app.

If you need a roadside assistance service for any of the unpredictable incident such as car lock out, out of gas, flat tire, stuck in a ditch, dead battery, or for other towing services is always there to help. Be sure to download to your smartphone for peace of mind when traveling on the road.