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10 Everyday Emergencies You Need To Know How to Manage

Flat tire? Stovetop fire? Here's how to troubleshoot these common everyday emergencies.

New Report: IoT Offers Roadside Assistance With The Push Of A Button CEO Chris Spanos discusses potential for the Internet of Things to have applications in roadside assistance and other markets in the November Internet of Things Tracker™.
GotU goes national with new app targeting breakdowns by drivers under-40
Allianz, an investor, uses the technology in it's GotU app. GotU recently launched in select markets in Australia, and will be expanding to new markets in the coming weeks.
On-Demand Services and Apps Becoming Inevitable Tools for Reaching Customers
Co-founder Rick Robinson weighs in with StreetFight on the necessity of joining the on-demand revolution.
You're Paying For What?
AAA has dominated the field of roadside assistance for decades. But the annual dues paid by its 55.6 million members (some individual plans exceed the $100 mark) may soon make it a thing of the past. Enter, the on-demand roadside service app with no annual dues or membership fees.
Best Roadside Assistance: Who To Call When Your Car Breaks Down
SecurityGem explores roadside assistance options, listing in a roundup of the "best roadside assistance" companies, among some of the largest legacy providers. Check out what makes "a new kind of roadside assistance service."
Onboard Diagnostics Will Connect Cars To The Internet Of Things
Read about how cars can connect to the Internet of Things, and how and other apps offer valuable data and services as a part of it.
8 Travel Apps You Must Bring On Your Next Road Trip
It seems like there’s an app for just about everything now. If you’re about to hit the road, you may be wondering what travel apps can help your trip go more smoothly.
These Are DC’s Top Startup Founders Over 40
Rick Robinson cofounder and SVP of  is a true seer of the advancement of human interactions. His vision was an engine that drove the AOL’s Digital Cities, which he then transferred to AOL’s mobile and community.
Moms 'N Charge - Tech & Travel - Taking Family Trips to New Heights
Christine St. Vil of Moms 'N Charge explains why she's so excited about having for family road trips.
Image of Chris Spanos on FOX News
Tech Tips for Summer Travel with Fadra Nally
Check out Fadra's take on and some of the coolest tech gadgets to make summer travel easier and more memorable!, the Uber of Roadside Assistance
Find out why Mom's Guide To Travel says “ is America’s Leading On-Demand Roadside Assistance Service."
For Staying Safe on the Road:
Techlicious tells us why you no longer need to be a AAA member.
Roadside Assistance On-Demand
Watch Ian Parker test out for KATU.
Apps drive into the service lane
Smartphone apps are breaking into the automotive service business. The question is: Whose apps should service departments embrace?
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Holiday Road Trips 101: Staying Safe on Highways and Byways
For the majority of travelers, heading home for the holidays involves hitting the road. That translates to crowded highways. Winter storms, too, can make holiday driving challenging as can fellow drivers who may have overindulged in the spiked egg nog at the season office party…
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From Autonomous Vehicles to In-Car Connectivity: What the Future Holds for Cars
Autonomous vehicles have been garnering a lot of attention in the tech community over the last year. Manufacturers, dealerships and technology companies alike all see the vast opportunities. From sophisticated ADAS systems to auto-pilots in automobiles, we’re seeing great leaps in the ability of vehicles to safely and autonomously navigate their environments brining us closer to a world of large scale autonomy...
Image of Chris Spanos on FOX News
WTTG-TV, Channel 5 (FOX)
Chris Spanos speaks with the WTTG-TV, Channel 5 (FOX) news team. Click the image to watch the video.
Photo of Tom Sexton and Alexander Renz at CES 2016
House of New Mobility with Tom Sexton of
Tom Sexton, VP Strategic Sales, speaks with Alexander Renz of House of New Mobility at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, NV
Chris Spanos talks to Jeff Clabaugh on WTOP.
Chris Spanos, CEO of, talks to Jeff Clabaugh of Weekend Business Journal on WTOP.
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Best Mobile Travel Apps for That Awesome Road Trip
If you find yourself with car troubles, you'll need an app that can get you roadside help, and fast. certainly fits the bill. This mobile travel app offers a nationwide network that connects drivers to roadside service providers and a broad range of mapping and connected car platforms (including AT&T Drive, MapQuest, Zendrive and others.)
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Here's What You Should Know About Renting A Car During Winter
Are you renting a car as part of your travel plans? Some people will tell you to make sure you rent an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle for winter driving, which is not a bad idea. Still, unless you're plying the roads of Buffalo in the middle of a blizzard or headed to a ski area with a switchback access road, it often isn't necessary and the extra cost may not be worth it.
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VIDEO: Chris Spanos interviewed live on WUSA9-TV
Chris Spanos, co-founder of, talks to Markette Sheppard and Chris Leary about the app that helps you get roadside assistance when you need it.
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Taking ‘Local’ Right Down to the Keystroke
Keyboard shortcuts and commands are nothing new, and in fact date back to the earliest of those clunky desktop islands — grey hunks battling for desk space with the big metal boxes holding our motherboards. Ctrl + Alt + Delete anyone? But these multi-finger commands were most often used in the service of getting software to go from point A to point C by skipping B.
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How Roadside Assistance Startup Prepares For a Blizzard
If you haven't already heard, a large snowstorm is set to cover the Northeast this weekend in a white, snowflake powered fury. And people are admittedly freaking out about the impending weather. Here in the District, the storm will undoubtedly bring numerous transportation issues and delays across the entire region. So, if you happen to find yourself in a vehicle—which we really don't recommended given the forecast—you're likely aware that the chances of getting stuck on the side of the road increase exponentially with these wintery conditions. But you're not the only person carefully watching the weather situation. Vienna, Va.-based roadside assistance startup is making moves to prepare for a flurry of service requests...
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Top Best Car Support Apps: Gas Budy,, Honk, Purple & Torque?
With Friday, January 15th, the last day of voting, we want to make sure our readers have enough information about the nominees for the Tech CARS Awards in the best Car Support App category. These apps help drivers with road assistance, finding/delivering gas and diagnostics...
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10 Essential Travel Apps for Android
The holidays are a time for presents, desserts, song and joy. But also lots and lots of travel. It can be tough to embark on a holiday trip, but luckily technology has your back. Earlier this week, we gave you the best travel apps for iOS and now it’s time for Android to get in on the fun.
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Auto apps you should know about
One of the best things about the onslaught of the smartphone era is the plethora of cool apps that can make life a little easier. With a couple swipes and a tap, you can make dinner reservations, "chat" with friends and hail a taxi - all without uttering a single word. We've recently encountered some automotive apps that every phone should have. They help you find everything from cheap parking spots to a trustworthy mechanic. Here are just a few of our new faves...
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DC Inno Announces the Winners of the 3rd Annual 50 on Fire Awards
DC Inno announced the winners of its annual 50 on Fire awards on December 10, 2015 during a celebration at the Howard Theatre. The 50 on Fire DC awards are held annually to honor the year's most groundbreaking individuals and organizations across industries in the Washington D.C. area...
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Seven Apps That Will Help Improve Your Driving Experience makes reliable roadside service available on-demand. Connect with service professionals with a few taps on the app and monitor the progress of help that's on the way, or simply search for close by tow trucks and shops with the real time-updated map. Plus it's Pay-per-use, so there's no annual membership fees and you'll see no charges until service is complete...
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Roadside Help for Seniors
Savvy Senios recommends on-demand services such as as a "new money saving option to consider"
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Cars get tech to monitor teen driving habits
Teenagers, already saddled with worries about grades, soon will encounter cars that can issue their own "report cards" when it comes to driving skills. Several companies, ranging from global automakers to technology start-ups, have introduced services that enable parents to track, influence or restrict the driving habits of their teenage children...
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Connecting Your Car to Your Smartphone Can Make Auto Data Work for You
If your car could talk, you might be surprised by how much it has to say. “Ease up on the gas pedal, buddy.” “Don’t forget to expense these miles.”“Hey! That valet with the smirk is taking me for a joyride.” Yet hearing from your car is no longer strictly the domain of “Knight Rider,” the dumbest show about TV’s smartest car. My modest 2013 Volkswagen communicates all of this and more with the help of a type of gadget that opens up the computer under the hood…
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Need help? Travel industry gets more responsive
Christine Singler couldn't wait for help. She was flying from Windsor, Ontario, to Warsaw in a day, and feared Air Canada might turn her away at the airport. The reason? Her name was misspelled on her ticket – "Singer" instead of "Singler." After hours on the phone with her travel agent, she'd been promised a correction, but the airline still listed her as "Singer." The clock was ticking…
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Doggie Fitbit, Connected Sprinklers, and Sriracha Flavored Bacon
It’s Uber for roadside assistance. Tap the app, request assistance, watch truck on the map as it comes to your rescue, with no annual fee.’s Family View lets you view your loved one’s service from start to finish...
c/net logo is Like Uber for Roadside Assistance
Simply put, is like Uber for tow trucks. A clearer explanation is that it's a pay-on-demand app for roadside assistance services. You install the app on your phone and, when the need arises, request assistance with just a few taps. Prices are estimated up front and users pay through the app using a credit card number...
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The Nine Best Mobile Apps For Your Memorial Day Road Trip
More than 37 million Americans are hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend. If you're going to be one of them, download these apps to your smartphone or tablet to help you save time, money and just make for a more fun and pleasant drive...
Travel App Tuesday: Wants To Replace Your AAA Membership For Roadside Assistance
Summer vacation season is well underway, and most Americans are taking their trips by road -- 86 percent of vacationers said in a recent survey that they are traveling by car this summer. And according to the American Automobile Association’s Fuel Gauge Report, gas prices have peaked at around $2.75 a gallon for the rest of the season... logo
Roadside Assistance Service Partners with Cost2Drive and Tollsmart
The Washington, D.C.-based roadside assistance service startup,, has announced partnerships with two Northern Virginia-based companies aimed at helping consumers navigate road trips more cost-effectively. Through partnerships with Cost2Drive and Tollsmart, users can not only have access to on-demand user assistance, but also to tools that give them better insights on the overall costs of planned road trips.
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Road Service Gets an On-Demand Makeover
Tow trucks and phone apps are tapping data to give you a jump-start. The ice storm that hit Nashville this February was the worst in 20 years. Freezing rain glazed the roads, so when one of Michael Cunnyngham’s employees discovered he had a flat tire, there was already a long queue of auto-club members ahead of him who had put in calls for help. “They said they’d be there in an hour. Then it was two hours,” recalls Cunnyngham, who runs a tech company. “Then it was the end of the day. So I thought, There has to be some Uber for wreckers,” he says, referring to the popular ride-hailing app. His search results turned up Urgently, a Virginia-based startup that indeed bills itself as the Uber of roadside assistance…
at&t logo
AT&T Selects for the AT&T Drive Connected Car Platform
Almost two-thirds of drivers surveyed after learning about Connected Car services consider them an important feature in their next car. AT&T has made a big commitment to bring these services to customers with two major initiatives focused on innovation – AT&T Drive and AT&T Drive Studio. We plan to lead the ecosystem by making it easier than ever for automotive manufacturers to integrate apps from top companies, furthering the connected car reality for drivers...
TechCrunch logo Is Uber For When Your Ride Breaks Down
When you break down, the assumption is that you need help That’s why exists. This on-demand roadside assistance app aims to be the Uber of what happens if your car can’t be used as an Uber anymore. Founded by Chris Spanos, Surendra Goel, and Luke Kathol, the service allows you to pinpoint your location and request help. Spanos, who worked as a GM of and founded SeniorChecked, knows from car trouble. He wanted to help people in need get a better experience…
ABC 7 logo
Small business spotlight: is a local startup making national moves to disrupt the roadside assistance market. For our Small Business Spotlight, Co-founder and CEO Chris Spanos shared how’s future looks bright, because of connected cars coming onto the market...
ProgrammableWeb logo
One of the more worrying moments in anyone’s life is waiting by the side of the road for a tow truck to come. It's hard to know for certain when the truck will arrive because there’s not much in the way of actual information available. To solve that issue, created a mobile computing application that makes it possible for motorists to not only call for assistance, but to see exactly how far away that tow truck is…
PRWeb logo Opens Access to APIs, the leading, national on-demand roadside assistance service, headquartered at AOL’s Fishbowl Labs in Dulles, Va., and the only company seamlessly connecting motorists to roadside assistance through a smartphone app, today announced its next step toward transforming the roadside assistance industry by opening access to its APIs. Now, with access to the APIs, developers can dovetail roadside help into the flow of their product…
CarThrottle logo
7 Car Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier In 2015
If you aren’t a member of a roadside assistance club or have that offered through your insurance provider, check out the app. When you are in need of help, you can use the app to find the closest garage and order basic services like a tow truck, tyre change etc. Track the arrival of help on your map while you wait and only pay for the services you need. You will not be enrolled in any monthly service programme, and you are only charged once the service has been performed...
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Have Roadside Assistance Apps Replaced AAA?
Have Roadside Assistance Apps Replaced AAA? Just ask Pat Sheridan. His 2006 Acura MDX has a car battery that goes on the blink from time to time. So he downloaded, a free iOS app that connects him with a tow truck in minutes. "Within a few days of downloading, the car broke down," says Sheridan, who runs a website development company in Reston, Virginia. He opened, selected his problem from a menu of common car issues, and within 15 minutes a tow truck had pulled up and offered a jump-start...
TIME logo
There’s an App for the Next Time Your Car Breaks Down
New companies are taking aim at an industry long-dominated by AAA. Last December, Corey Brundage got a call from his then-fiancée. She had left her headlights on, and her car was now sitting dead in a Los Angeles parking garage. Corey ordered an Uber and was with her in 20 minutes. Then he started searching Yelp and Google for a towing company. They all had off-putting one- and two-star rankings. Each call he ventured took him about 15 minutes, and when they quoted prices like $250 for a jump start, he didn’t know whether they were being gouged in their time of need. For a man who already started four companies, this was clearly friction that technology could help alleviate.
Fast Company logo
It's not uncommon for MapQuest to receive calls from drivers whose cars are broken down on the side of the road. "You'd be surprised some of the things we get from our users," Brian McMahon, MapQuest's general manager, tells Fast Company. "We get calls into our call centers, emails from people who are stranded and need help…
c/net logo
Flat tire? MapQuest iPhone app now offers roadside assistance
You can now get membership-free towing and other services from via the app, but you'll have to pay for the work itself, of course. Who can you call the next time you get a flat or your car won't start? One new option is to whip out your iPhone and tap into the latest version of MapQuest's iOS app. Released Monday, MapQuest version 4.6.1 adds a new Roadside Assistance feature. The feature provides 24/7 assistance that can help if you have a flat tire, need a jump start, get locked out of your car or simply run out of gas…
The Washington Post logo
MapQuest, use Uber’s model to create app for roadside assistance, an mobile app that allows stranded drivers to summon car-repair help, is partnering with MapQuest in a deal that aims to disrupt the $10 billion ­ industry for roadside assistance, much as Uber has done to the taxi and car-service business. The alliance, announced Tuesday, allows MapQuest users to use to call for help to repair a flat tire, fix a dead battery or tow the vehicle. MapQuest is an AOL property and is a Dulles-based start-up founded in 2013 and run by several former AOL executives…
PC Magazine logo
MapQuest App Gets Roadside Help Option
Throw away the AAA card, ditch the 15-minute Geico phone call: MapQuest and have launched a free roadside assistance service available via mobile apps. A deal between the navigation provider and the D.C.-based startup means U.S. drivers in need of a tow, tire change, fuel delivery, jump start, or lock-out service can turn to the new on-demand platform. "MapQuest is interested in providing innovative, reliable services to our users in a way most meaningful to them," Nate Abbott, head of MapQuest production, said in a statement. And with no monthly or annual cost: Instead of throwing money away just in case of an accident, the incorporation of eliminates the need for membership or club fees…
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MapQuest Brings Roadside Assistance Service To Mobile App
MapQuest has integrated “Uber for roadside assistance” service into its updated app. What this means is that consumers are able to summon a tow truck or other service provider directly through the app. Roadside assistance through MaqQuest is available 24 hours a day. Service fees are pre-negotiated and shown to consumers up front. There’s also a satisfaction guarantee. In addition users can track service vehicles and arrival times, as with Uber…
Washington Business Journal logo
Dulles-based, MapQuest team for roadside assistance service
Two Dulles-based companies are teaming up to help you locate yourself and help get roadside assistance to you as quickly as possible. and MapQuest are pairing up to score a bigger piece of the $10 billion roadside assistance industry, The Washington Post reports— in ways similar to how Uber has shaken up car service and taxi business. MapQuest is an AOL company that allows users to build online maps, and is a startup formed in 2013 — by AOL veterans — whose app allows stranded motorists get roadside assistance. We've been keeping you up-to-date on, which recently raised $1.2 million to expand its services…
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Next up for MapQuest: membership free roadside assistance
Just off the 16th Street Mall, a tech company rewards workers with the quirky perks of a startup: Ping-Pong, a healthy Tiki bar and free waffles on Thursdays. But this is no startup. It's MapQuest, the decades-old map company that dominated online mapping late last century. On Tuesday, MapQuest plans to announce a partnership with to offer membership-free roadside assistance service on its mobile app. "I say bring it on," said Nate Abbott, MapQuest's head of product, to those who had buried MapQuest in the dot-com graveyard. "We have stuff happening here, and I know that we can win them back.”…
Mapquest and partnership
MapQuest Becomes First Navigation App to Offer On-demand Roadside Assistance Through Exclusive Partnership, MapQuest and Provide Free Access to On-demand Help Nationwide
MapQuest, Inc., and DC-startup,, today launched an integration that allows MapQuest users across the U.S. to seamlessly connect with emergency roadside help through its mobile apps. The industry-first integration connects those in need of tow, tire change, fuel delivery, jump start or lock out services to nearby and available roadside help through’s on-demand platform and extensive, nationwide roadside assistance network. The partnership makes MapQuest the first navigation app that can send emergency roadside help, and marks the launch of’s national service...
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One App You and Your Car Can't Live Without
Everyone has their own horror story: a flat tire during rush hour, locking your keys in the car when you’re already late for a meeting, a dead battery in the dead of winter. Or that time your bumper fell off en route to the Beyoncé concert (because we’ve all been there, right?), but I digress...
Venture Beat logo raises $1.2M, a company that connect drivers and motorcyclists to roadside assistance through its mobile apps, announced it has raised $1.2 million in new funding. In the case of an emergency or problem, motorists can reach out to’s network of roadside assistance providers, and get real-time updates of their progress. Motorists also pay on-demand and at flat rates instead of pre-paid monthly fees. Select Venture Partners led the round, with additional participation from new angel investors and existing investors Blu Ventures and CIT GAP Funds.
The Washington Post logo
District-based roadside assistance start-up raises $1.2M from investors
District start-up, the maker of an app that connects distressed drivers with roadside assistance, has collected $1.2 million from investors, executives announced Tuesday. Motorists who find themselves broken down, locked out of their car or with an empty fuel tank use the app to locate the nearest roadside assistance provider. The driver can then request help and pay for the service directly in the app...
Washington Business Journal logo raises $1.2M to expand roadside assistance service
Roadside assistance service announced Wednesday a $1.2 million raise led by Select Venture Partners, cash that will fuel expansion in D.C. and a push into new markets. The "Pre-Series A" round follows a $525,000 seed financing earlier this year, which supported the startup's new direction...
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Making Moves, Raise finalized a $1.2M raise led by Select Venture Partners with participation from locals CIT Gap and Blu Ventures. is tackling the dated and inefficient roadside assistance industry traditionally dominated by AAA. Their product is better for consumers and better for the service providers. They've got a veteran team led by Chris Spanos and Ric Fleisher and are quickly growing the reach in the D.C. area and will use the funds to expand to multiple new markets by the end of the year...
Tech Cocktail logo
DC’s Raises $1.2M Pre-Series A Round for Roadside Assistance Service
DC-based startup has announced the closing of a pre-Series A round of funding for its roadside assistance service. The company raised $1.2 million in this round of financing and was led by Select Venture Partners...
UPSTART business journal logo
The Pipeline: One ridesharer ramps up while another shifts down, plus Yelp gives San Francisco a great review
Washington… Roadside assistance service raises$1.2 million led by Select Venture Partners.
phone icon Closes $1.2 Million Pre-Series A-Round Funding to Expand Innovative Roadside Assistance Service in Washington, DC and other Cities, the only company in the nation seamlessly connecting motorists to roadside assistance providers using its own smartphone applications, today announced that it has completed a $1.2 million Pre-Series A funding round. This brings the total investment in to nearly $1.8 million...
Tech Cocktail logo Sends Roadside Assistance with Just Two Taps on Your Phone
When I was in college, my car broke down by the side of the road on our drive back from Beach Week. Thankfully, I had AAA and managed to call them for roadside assistance, but it took them close to two hours to actually get to me; it was a pretty painful experience having to wait for them and not have any idea where they were/when they’d get there...
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Watch Out AAA: Goes Uber, Takes on Roadside Assistance
“Uber-ification” has been extended to many local segments, including hotels, restaurant reservations and promotions. How about roadside assistance? Asserting that AAA and other roadside assistance services have outdated economic models and technology, local media and commerce vet Chris Spanos (AOL, and ) is leading a team launching
phone icon
Tap-Tap-Tow: Introduces iOS App Allowing Washington D.C. Area Drivers to Locate Nearby Available Roadside Assistance Vehicles, Coordinate Service and Track It, a new entrant in the on demand mobile services space, has launched the first completely transparent and totally mobile solution for roadside assistance. After downloading the free iOS app and creating a brief profile, motorists can use it to instantly pinpoint their location, see nearby and available roadside assistance providers and easily connect for immediate service...
CTIA Startup Lab icon
CTIA Startup Lab Announces 40 Startup Finalists for CTIA Super Mobility Week
Today, CTIA-The Wireless Association®’s Startup Lab announced the 40 finalists for its inaugural class at Super Mobility Week. Designed to help seed and growth stage startups secure accelerated connections and investments in the mobile industry...
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What Roadside Assistance Can Tell Us About the Future of Local Search
Here’s an industry you don’t hear about often in the technology world: roadside assistance. But what others see as something of a backwater, Chris Spanos, the chief executive at Urgently, sees an opportunity...
BIA Kelsey logo Raises Seed Round to Transform Roadside Assistance
Last week, Northern Virginia-based closed its seed round to accelerate the model it’s building to improve roadside assistance for both customers and service providers. The company offers an HTML5 mobile app to connect both sides of the marketplace quickly and efficiently at the critical moment of need...
Street Fight logo Lands Seed Investment From Blu Venture & CIT GAP Funds, the Northern Virginia-based startup disrupting the roadside assistance industry, announced Thursday seed investment from McLean’s Blu Venture Investors, Herndon’s CIT GAP Funds and various local angels...
The Washington Post logo
Capital Business
CIT Gap Funds, the Herndon-based investment fund created by the state of Virginia, invested an undisclosed sum in The start-up has created an app to connect drivers in need with on-demand roadside assistance...
CIT Gap Funds logo
CIT GAP Funds Invests in
The Center for Innovative Technology announced today that its CIT GAP Funds closed an investment in, a Northern Virginia-based startup offering a mobile on- demand platform that quickly and easily connects users with nearby and available roadside assistance...
Tech Cocktail logo
DC Startup Receives CIT GAP Funds Investment, Closes Seed Round
This morning, the Center for Innovative Technology announced that it closed an investment in DC-based startup through its CIT Gap Funds. The funding constitutes part of the company’s seed round, according to Chris Spanos, the cofounder and CEO of the on-demand roadside assistance startup...
In the Capital logo Lands Seed Investment From Blu Venture & CIT GAP Funds, the Northern Virginia-based startup disrupting the roadside assistance industry, announced Thursday seed investment from McLean's Blu Venture Investors, Herndon's CIT GAP Funds and various local angels. The platform takes the Uber model of real-time, on-demand crowdsourcing, but instead of seeking a ride, users request the nearest help during a roadside emergency...