February 24, 2016

MapQuest First With Nationwide On-Demand Roadside Assistance

Truth is we’re a little bit humbled today.

Truth is we’re a little bit humbled today. That’s because for a small, young, hard-working startup it’s daunting, thrilling and ultimately humbling when a vaunted brand and massive service like MapQuest asks you to provide their millions of customers 24/7 roadside assistance.

And that’s exactly what’s happened stating today.

Yep, Urgent.ly is now the official provider of roadside rescues for anyone using the new MapQuest app (download it here for iPhone and here for Android and in the Amazon Store here.

what this means to consumers is that by simply tapping the “Roadside Assistance” button in the left-side drawer of MapQuest’s new app, they will be presented with the Urgent.ly service embedded and customized for MQ.

We at Urgent.ly have been rescuing customers in the Washington, DC-area for many months, but simultaneously spending our nights and weekends preparing for a nationwide rollout so we’d be all queued up when MapQuest was ready. 

It’s a great day for MapQuest’s current and future customers as they now have free access to nationwide roadside help launched directly from the app. And props to MQ for having the foresight to make this union happen, thereby becoming the first and only mapping provider to offer such an on-demand service.

That’s really all there’s time for today … We’re going to take a moment to celebrate among our small team, then go back to being humble while continuing to make certain MapQuest’s (and Urgent.ly’s) customers are assisted in minutes by our ever-expanding mesh network of awesome service pros.