March 30, 2016

April Fool's Day Car Pranks

Don't try these at home!

What better way to prank your friends this April Fool’s Day than to lightly threaten the well-being of their car - or at least the ease of their commute! Cars are among many Americans’ most expensive possessions, and they likely rely on it on a daily basis. That being said, it’s vital to not actually do anything that could harm the car or risk anyone’s safety. Here are a few pranks that are good for a laugh among your well-humored friends and family.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

This prank is probably easiest played on someone you live with - a roommate, spouse, little brother - even your kids! If you have access to their keys, sneak out late at night/early while they’re still asleep and move their car - just around the block, to a different floor in the garage, etc. Make sure it’s somewhere they won’t see it- and won’t be in range to hit a button on their keys to locate it. Casually watch when they go to leave in the morning and see what happens when their car isn’t where they left it! Of course, you’ll want to be careful driving their car, be sure not to park it somewhere they can get ticketed, and tell them where it is in time for them to get to work or school!

Fill ‘er Up!

All you need for this prank is a lot of something - balloons are probably most cost-effective, but this prank would also work well with golf balls, ping pong balls, or tennis balls - if you have a few hundred! Grab the keys and fill the car with your item of choice see what happens when your friend tries to get in the car! Imagine a sea of little bouncing balls flooding their garage, or watching them spend a half hour popping balloons before they can go anywhere.

All In

You’ll also need your victim’s keys for this prank. Hop in the car and turn everything on - and all the way up! The radio, air conditioning, windshield wipers, hazard lights - as long as it will all go off when you turn the car off; you wouldn’t want to drain the battery. Extra points if you add some food coloring to the windshield wiper fluid for an extra “bright” surprise!

Broken Window

This one should be attempted with some caution, and awareness of one’s surroundings. Head to a junkyard or local auto shop and see if you can get a free or inexpensive old car door window. Roll down the window of the car you’re attempting this on, and then carefully break the old car window. Place the glass strategically to appear as though someone busted through the window of your victim’s car. Make sure you’ll be able to clean up all the glass to prevent injury, and that the car is either in a secure location or your friend will be able to get to the car quickly - so that no one actually breaks in!

Damage Note

For a quick, easy, and cheap prank to freak out your friends or family, just grab a piece of scrap paper and a pen. Scribble down a quick note (using different handwriting, if you can) writing that you hit the car on accident, and you’re sorry but you don’t have insurance, or something to that effect. They’ll search the car in angst, but find no damage, of course. Leave no contact info on the note - or if you have a number your friend won’t recognize, leave that so you can holler “April Fools” when they call!

Find us on Twitter @geturgently to share your best car-related pranks, and let us know if you try out ours! Happy April Fool’s Day - stay safe and have fun!