February 24, 2016

At Urgent.ly the App is Just Half the Story

We spend a good deal of time pointing up the benefits of Urgent.ly to consumers in need.

We spend a good deal of time pointing up the benefits of Urgent.ly to consumers in need. Half the equation is often overlooked, however, and recent coverage in the leading industry magazine for the roadside business has us thinking it’s time to remind everyone of our terrific and expanding network of partners: the towers and roadside assistance pros.

Tow Professional Magazine recently featured Urgent.ly and its benefits to roadside assistance professionals in a feature here

The heart of the piece focuses on why it makes sense to those in the business to get on board. We’ve excerpted a bit here:                    

As consumers live more and more through their mobile devices, the industry is ripe for pay-as-you go, instant access, on-demand roadside assistance solution. Consumers are no longer willing to pay membership or club fees based on antiquated insurance models. When they need help, they want to instantly connect with service providers; a virtual guarantee that “help is on the way;” and a cashless, flat-rate and straightforward pricing and payment system. 

Urgent.ly delivers all that and more, using technology that is free to the towing or roadside provider and amazingly cost-effective for the customer. Consumers using Urgent.ly’s iOS mobile or web apps take advantage of the company’s proprietary real-time dispatch platform to connect to nearby, available help. They have access to more providers in their immediate area, with visibility into their provider’s movements via GPS tracking, instead of waiting blindly for a service provider contracted by an insurance company that may have two to three jobs to complete first.

If you’re a towing pro, or have now been inspired to get into the roadside assistance trade, please check out our proposition and consider signing up!