Beer in 60 Minutes: App Let's You Demand It

February 24, 2016

Seems the “on-demand” economy has found no dark corner it can’t alight…

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Seems the “on-demand” economy has found no dark corner it can’t alight…

Remember as a college student (of legal drinking age, naturally) when you and pals would go on a “beer run” to refuel? It’s a right of passage for those who imbibed. 

Well along comes Anheuser-Busch with a way to make that run a whole lot shorter, and a bunch safer. They’ve chosen D.C. (Urgently’s back yard) to launch what they’re calling the “Bud Light Button” app (see video).

Yep, the Android app allows you to order up delivery of a case of beer, zipped to your house in under an hour.

Add this to the on-demand pizza apps and you’ve got yourself a race for refreshment. Still, something tells me Bud Light beer will always win the match, no matter where they place.

BTW, Pro Tip: if you’ve had little too much, um, on demand, don’t drive home! Have your car (and yourself) towed to your abode – bet it’s not much more than a black car …

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