Driving Tips By Age

February 23, 2018

Driving is great freedom at any age. With these safety driving tips, we can all enjoy that freedom even more.

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When teens learn how to drive a car, everything is new and things as simple as starting the ignition, operating the windshield wipers, and using the gas pedal must be learned.

Older drivers know the basics, but physical limitations, slower reaction times, and even memory issues may have an impact.

When dealing with a younger or an older driver, keep an eye on their driving habits, and act when needed. Here are some tips for teen and older drivers to help keep everyone safer on the road. 

Learning to drive

Teaching teens how to drive properly and safely takes time and patience, but will help them be better prepared for their future on the road.

It's not as easy as it looks. The volume of skills and awareness a new driver is required to learn and pay attention to include:

  • Road signs and conditions
  • Speed
  • Weather
  • Other drivers
  • Vehicle handling
  • Pedestrians and animals

Assisting New Drivers Driving will probably not come naturally to most teen drivers. Learning to drive is most effective with the assistance of an experienced driver. When your teen driver is on the road after having been properly educated, you gain invaluable peace of mind.

There are many simple things that can be done to help teen drivers:

  1. Set a good example. Your teen is watching you and registering your driving habits. From the very first time they were placed into their car seat, to riding in the front seat     with you, they’re likely noticing things like:        
  2. Distracted driving (phone calls or texting)
  3. Seatbelt use
  4. Speeding
  5. Aggressive driving

By demonstrating good driving habits, you establish a proper driving foundation for your teen.

  1. Rehearse driving situations. Talk to your teen about different driving situations and how to properly react. Your teen will be better equipped to safely deal with dangerous situations if they occur.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. One of the best things you can do for a new driver is give them the gift of your time and practical driving experience. Setting aside time with your teen driver will help build their driving competency and confidence.
  3. Enroll your teen in a driver’s education course. While you may practice with your teen and teach them all you know about driving, there are also valuable courses in which you can enroll your teen driver. And sometimes you can get a discount for completing driver safety courses.

Why are rates higher for younger drivers?

No matter what age, everyone wants cheap car insurance. However, for the younger crowd, car insurance can be expensive.

Even though it might seem like it, insurance companies don’t have a bias against younger drivers. Rates are based on data. And insurance companies have decades of data they use to track trends and, in turn, formulate rates.

Additionally, some insurers use financial history as one part of an overall insurance risk score. Young drivers without a lot of credit history may experience higher rates due to a weak score.

On the flip side, data has shown that with more experience, the lower the risk. Thus—based on age alone—rates for experienced drivers tend to be lower.

Older drivers

As age increases, driving might become more challenging. Older drivers should be aware of how their age may impact their driving performance so they are best prepared to make changes if necessary.

Whether it’s recognizing physical limitations or allowing for extra planning and drive time, helping them re-evaluate their driving habits is essential to help ensure their safety on the road. Help older drivers do the following:

  • Get routine vision and hearing tests
  • Enroll them in a senior driving course
  • Know their route
  • Consider other methods of transportation
  • Check the weather for their drive

Being proactive and performing periodic self-assessments can make a big difference to keep them on the road as long as possible.

No matter the age of the driver, if in the situation of needing SR-22 insurance, make sure you shop around, as the fee’s associated can vary greatly by carrier.

Driving is great freedom at any age. With these safety driving tips, we can all enjoy that freedom even more.


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