February 24, 2016

Welcome: UrbanStems Raises $1.5 Million for On-Demand Flower Delivery



As we often to at Urgent.ly we’d like to welcome another newcomer the the DC “On-demand” startup scene, and this time it’s especially timely!

UrbanStems, the on-demand-boquets biz, is run by a team of folks passionate about fresh flowers and moreso about being entrusted to deliver them to all of our loved ones:

To whit, on their Website: 

When you send one of our bouquets, you are entrusting us with the honor of making someone you love smile. So why wouldn’t we do whatever it takes – no matter how crazy – to make sure that happens?

The company has been in DC a year (ok so maybe not so new) and is now serving NY as well; they recently raised a blooming $1.5 million in funding from Middleland Capital, Sagamore Ventures, NextGen Angels and Great Oaks Venture Capital.

But how are they different? According to their process, they source flowers directly from farms in Colombia and Ecuador, and promise delivery within two hours of ordering (sometimes one hour!). And so you’re not left wondering “if she got them” they’ll even send a photo confirmation. At Urgent.ly we have a similar feature, where tow truck drivers can confirm delivery with a pic as well. So we agree it’s pretty cool ;-)

So if you miss Valentine’s Day consider this: it’s never too late to deliver flowers when and where you want them, especially in about as long as it takes to get pizza. But you’ve got time! Get over here, place your order and make someone’s winter quickly turn to spring.