October 27, 2016

Four Wheels of Fright: Decorate Your Automobile for Halloween

Let your vehicle celebrate Halloween this year, too.

You decorate your home, deck out your lawn, and dress up yourself - don’t leave your car out of the fun! Let your vehicle celebrate Halloween this year, too. A car can be an incredibly spooky prop for a house’s Halloween display, and well-planned displays could add an extra special element of dread and shock for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Try out a few of our creepy car costumes, or comment with your own ideas below!

  1. Pumpkin Car

We’ll start friendly. If your yard is all smiling jack-o-lanterns, orange twinkle lights, and cartoon bats and spiders, this is the costume for your car. Just make it a huge pumpkin! Since you probably don’t want to paint your car bright orange, just cover it with a few orange table cloths, and use a thick sharpie to make curved lines every few feet apart. Then add eyes and a mouth to the front windshield of the vehicle. You can draw or paint these on, cut out shapes in a black tablecloth or poster board and glue them on, or just cut holes in the orange tablecloth. Viola! Now you have a huge gourd in your yard. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

  1. Ghost Driver

This one is great if your car sits in a driveway or garage that’s visible from the sidewalk or your walkway. Get inflatable ghost figures, a skeleton, or use white sheets and pillows to create the illusion of ghosts sitting in the front seats of your car. Put your headlights on low, and leave just enough of a light on in the car that the outlines of these figures is visible. (But don’t leave your car’s lights on too long or you could kill the battery!) Leave a fog machine under the car to create a spooky atmosphere all around the vehicle.

  1. Haunted Garage

Try this if you have a remote-controlled garage door opener or can start your car’s engine remotely. Leave your car parked in your garage or driveway, with just enough of a light on inside to see that it’s empty. Use your imagination to decorate the car/garage as through it’s been abondoned - spider webs, discarded bones, creepy old furniture, etc. Position a fog machine under the car to create an especially ghastly effect. When trick-or-treaters wander by, open the garage door to reveal the spooky sight to your guests and/or turn on the car’s engine. It will look as though it’s started itself!

  1. Murder-Mobile

You could arrange this dreadful display in a variety of ways. One option is to get a dummy, or make a scarecrow, drive a wheel over it in your driveway, and surround it in fake blood. You could also dress up and do makeup to make yourself look deceased, and sit in the car to scare passers-by. To really commit, have a whole group of friends made-up as dead bodies, zombies, or ghosts sit in the car with the windows down or the lights on. Stay still until trick-or-treaters come near enough to the car, then yell “Boo!” to give them a real fright.

As always, be safe and don’t do anything that could damage your vehicle - or injure the living! Send your creepy car costumes to us on Facebook or Twitter @geturgently.

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