Greg Sees The Redskins

September 29, 2016 sent a Redskins fan and his son to watch their team kick off the season!

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You probably heard that celebrated the beginning of football season by giving away tickets to opening games! The lucky winner of our Grand Prize was Greg, a Washington Redskins fan - from right here in’s own backyard! We caught up with Greg after the game to ask a few questions about the experience and check out pictures from the evening.

How did you first hear about and the NFL Opening Game Tickets Contest?

I honestly don’t remember how I found out about I wish I had a better answer. I signed up in mid-July. I thought it was a great idea, and I dislike AAA’s membership format.I entered the contest at the very end of August in response to an email invitation to subscribers.

What makes you a Redskins fan? How long have you been a fan of the NFL?

I grew up as a baseball fan, but quickly changed that to football. I have lived in the D.C. area for 35 years, so went through some glory years. So that is not quite home grown, but close.

How did you feel when you'd heard you'd won tickets to their opening game?

I was in my car when Rebecca called on my cell. Amazingly, my first response should have been to hang up on yet another crank call.But she was convincing. Then, my worry was that opening game might be away. It was a home game only a few days away!I was amazed that everything fell into place.

Tells us a little about your experience at the game! How was it? 

I took my son. We go the the Washington games once every couple of years, but usually in odd seats we can afford. We debated for days over where to sit. The best seats are 15 rows or so up, or even in the second section up. But we chose to sit in the first row behind the team. Great choice! We’ll never be able to sit there again! We saw the players’ wives and family, Matthew McConaughey, past players, and more up close. The game was great to see at that level! You were so great to get the tickets we asked for, even though I know you went a bit over the limit you had to work with. Thanks so much for the opportunity, and the hats!

Thank you, Greg, for participating, and congrats again on winning the tickets! We're glad you and your son enjoyed the game. For everyone else, stay tuned to hear about our next contest, giveaway, or promotion!

All photos used in this blog post are courtesy of Greg Kapfer.

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