February 24, 2016

In Cincinnati and the Country, Uber-like Urgent.ly to the Rescue

Flat tire in Riverside? Dead battery in Pleasant Ridge? Out of gas in Cincinnati?

Flat tire in Riverside?  Dead battery in Pleasant Ridge?  Out of gas in Cincinnati

In the past year, hundreds of Cincinnati drivers have tried Urgent.ly – and came away happy.

Urgent.ly is one year old this month – andis changing the way Cincy-area drivers and Americans use roadside assistance.

No more membership fees.  No more wondering when the towtrucks will arrive. No more worrying about a family member out of gas on the side of a busy highway.

Don’t take it from us.  Here’s what Cincinnati region drivers are saying:  “Cool!” “That was fast… thanks!”

Urgent.ly is simple to use.  It takes a few seconds to download the app on an iPhone or Android device.  And drivers can even find it in their phone’s Web browser or through MapQuest, or one of our other partners.  Pretty soon, it’ll be  in “connected cars” thanks to our partnership AT&T

In the Cincinnati area alone, more than 100 licensed, insured and vetted Urgent.ly towers are available to serve customers

Urgent.ly offers an “Uber”-like experience.  That means that a customer can watch on her phone’s map as the tow truck makes its way to help her. No more calling and wondering (like the other guys, including AAA).

As well as being available everywhere we’re focusing on covering all types of service needs. Today we help customers with towingjumpstartsflat tiresfuel delivery and lockouts.

Even better, help from an Urgent.ly tower is there fast – we’re regularly on the scene in under half an hour, and sometimes in 10 minutes! We can do this thanks to our “mesh network” of servicers who are always in motion; we send help requests only to our nearest drivers. And those drivers? We make sure they are insured with a $1 million policy.

And for parents with driving-age kids we’ve got a killer feature that offers peace of mind like nothing else. We call it FamilyView, and simply put the service allows mom to get an alert when her son or daughter requests help — then mom can tap to watch as help arrives, kind of like picture-in-picture for the phone!

So thanks again, Cincinnati, for allowing us to help you quickly, at a great price and on all kinds of services. We look forward to the next few hundred flats, tows and jumps — likely a great deal more than you are :-)

Wait, what? You’re not on board yet in Clifton or Bond Hill? No problem, just grab one of our free apps and you’ll be set:

Urgent.ly for iOS 

Urgent.ly for Android