March 30, 2016

Its National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!

Get a taste of these mouth-watering tastes!

Melted cheese between two slices of buttered toast—it can't get much simpler than that, but the grilled cheese has been an American staple for decades. April 12th marks National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, a day to celebrate the delicious indulgence that is grilled cheese.

The classic grilled cheese is one of the simplest dishes you can make at home, as it only requires bread, some decent cheese, and butter. Still, chefs have gotten creative with the dish, and if you're feeling adventurous, here are the best places to get grilled cheese in the U.S.


The Grilled Cheese Truck |

Plain and simple grilled cheese is the primary fare at this restaurant on wheels, which started in Los Angeles and is now available in five other locations. Sandwiches are served with choice of cheese on French or wheat bread, and you can choose from six gourmet cheeses. The truck also serves several signature melts, including such unique dishes as the Cheesy Mac & Rib and the French Onion Soup Melt. 


The Melt |

This eatery serves a variety of classic American diner food, and it boasts four different grilled cheeses: Classic, Italian Job (fontina and provolone, grilled mushrooms on spicy garlic bread), Mac Daddy (mac 'n' cheese and bacon on artisan white bread), and the Steak Lover (aged cheddar, Angus sirloin with onions on artisan white).


Gayle’s Best Ever Grilled Cheese |

This grilled cheese stand got its start in Chicago city markets, but it has since settled in a permanent location. It serves a number of tasty grilled cheeses, including the dessert-themed Sweetie: Swiss cheese, raspberry jam, and pecans.


Meltkraft |

The Meltkraft slogan is "Handmade Cheese, Good Bread, Good Stuff." The gourmet grilled cheese outlet draws on a selection of handmade cheeses from Valley Shepherd Creamery in New Jersey. You can concoct your own cheesy creation or try one of their signature dishes.

The Milkhouse |

In addition to sinfully delicious grilled cheese, this Philadelphia restaurant specializes in milkshakes made with hand-spun ice cream. Try their Milkhouse Grilled Cheese: Monterey jack, rosemary grilled chicken, and jalapeno on wheat.


Artisanal Fromagerie, Bistro and Wine Bar |

Specializing in dishes cooked with gourmet cheeses, this acclaimed Park Avenue restaurant offers a range of artisanal grilled cheese melts on their lunch menu. The most notable choices are the Frenchie (Brie, mushrooms, and truffles) and the Lobster Grilled Cheese.

Milk Truck |

Alongside delectable, creamy milkshakes, this food truck peddles a fantastic line of grilled cheeses. Try the Classic with a Twist sandwich: it features aged Wisconsin gruyere, champagne vinegar-pickled onions, and whole grain Dijon mustard on Blue Ribbon Bakery Jewish ryel


Roxy's Grilled Cheese |

This Boston-based food truck serves up a whole mess of creative variations on the grilled cheese, including the beloved Mighty Rib Melt (fontina, braised short rib, caramelized onion).