November 16, 2016

Jessie Wins the iPhone 7!

Life since the upgrade.

Several weeks back we asked you all to grab your phones, open the app, and enter the promo code ‘IPHONE7’ for your chance to win the latest Apple smartphone. Many of you did, but only one of you won. We caught up with our big winner Jessie recently, to see how her life has changed since her upgrade.

1. How did you first hear about How did you learn of our iPhone giveaway?

I honestly heard about when I saw an ad on Facebook for the Hamilton contest...I'm a huge fan and wanted to win that contest! ;) I learned of the iPhone contest the same way, and honestly forgot that I had even entered until you contacted me! Haha

2. Have you ever used for roadside assistance? If so, how was your experience?

Fortunately, I have not had to use the service yet, but I have explored the app some and really like it. It looks nice and it's easy to navigate.

3. Were you planning on purchasing the iPhone 7? What attracted you to the phone or made you want to enter the giveaway?

I was not planning to purchase the iPhone 7...I'm usually one of the last people in America to get around to upgrading my phone, so this was a really nice treat!

4. Are you enjoying your new iPhone? What's your favorite feature?

I am very much enjoying the new phone! So far I haven't noticed any huge differences from 6 except that it's faster...the camera is notably better, and for the first time I've been able to actually get rid of some of those Apple extras that come pre-loaded on the home page...usually you're just stuck with them. But I was able to organize my apps the way I want and clean up the home page, which is nice. I love 3-D touch!

Thanks Jessie, for letting us live vicariously through you for a few moments. Thanks to everyone out there who entered to win! Sorry that we couldn’t give everyone a new iPhone, but there will always be more contests and giveaways! Right now, you can enter to win a free DrinkMate. Just open the app, navigate to Promo Codes in the Settings menu, and type ‘DRINKMATE’ for your shot at winning - and $10 off any service!

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