August 26, 2016

Kickoff Football Season From The 50 Yard Line is sending football fans to their favorite team’s first game!

That’s right, we’re back at it with another contest! It’s almost game time and we want to send big fans to watch the season start from within the stadium. Professional football defines the American autumnal season. From the games themselves to tailgating, watch parties, and fantasy leagues, fans of the sport get pretty seriously invested. In fact, professional football has more fans in America than any other sport.

You could start the football season at an opening weekend game when you win one of two big prizes from  One Grand Prize Winner will be chosen from among all entrants to receive 2 tickets, worth up to $1500, to any NFL Kickoff Game! But wait, there’s more. When you enter to win, you’ll key in your team’s name. Those who cheer for the team with the most fans registered will have a second shot to win! From among the fans who entered the name of the team that received more entrants than any other team, one Regional Prize Winner will be chosen. This winner will also receive 2 free tickets, worth up to $500, to any NFL Kickoff Game!

How do I win, you ask? It’s simple.

Just head to the app store - either iOS or Android - and download the app for free. Take a second to register by giving us your name and email address, then click the icon in the top right corner to access the settings menu. Under ‘Promo Codes’ type in the name of your favorite pro NFL team. That’s it! You’re entered to win! If you’re on mobile, just click here to go directly to your app store.


Additionally, everyone who enters to win will receive a $10 credit toward any future service! So everyone’s a winner, really. So what’re you waiting for? You could be cheering your team to victory when they kick off the season. Really, there’s nothing to lose. Enter now!

Then pass the ball down the field! Share this opportunity with your friends and family, and invite your fellow fans to increase your team’s fans chances of winning the Regional Prize!

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Contest ends August 31st, 2016 at 11:59PM EST. For the official contest page, and rules, click here.

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