September 14, 2016

Meet JR Garage!

Win a Trip to DC & a Ride in the Viper!

Local Virginia automobile aficionados, the JR Garage brothers, have gathered a following on YouTube based on their somewhat miraculous (but mostly powered by good, old-fashioned hard work) business ventures. Jeff & Christian’s hard work and entrepreneurship have led to the pair coming to own their own small fleet of sweet sports cars, including a Dodge Viper, Ferrari 355, and Porsche 944!

JR Garage first went viral on YouTube after bringing their Viper to high school! You can watch that video here (and live vicariously through them - Imagine how much cooler we would all have been in high school if we had cars like these guys!)


Recently, we rented them a Mercedes Benz E64 AMG for a road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego, where the brothers were able to meet up with fans from the other side of the country. Check out the E64 AMG and their West Coast adventures in the following video!


Of course, Jeff and Christian can’t travel all over the nation to meet their fans and followers, but it quickly became clear to them and the team at that people across the U.S. would jump at the chance to hang out with the guys for a day and see the cars. So we stepped in to help make that dream come true for one lucky fan. And thus, the JR Garage Meet & Greet, driven by On-Demand Roadside Assistance, was born.


To enter, just download the app, available for free on iOS or Android, register, and enter ‘JRGARAGE’ under Promo Codes in the Settings menu. That’s it! You’re registered! One lucky fan will win a trip out to the DC/NOVA region, including:

  • Round-trip airfare (up to $350)
  • One night in a hotel
  • A meet & greet with JR Garage
  • Lunch with JR Garage
  • A chance to ride in one of their cars

JR Garage will also be giving out a variety of other prizes - t-shirts, decals, you name it! Plus, each and every person who enters by putting the code into the app will receive $10 off any future service. So everyone wins something!

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