Mhelpdesk & RideScout: Killin' it in DC

February 24, 2016

At we’re obsessed with helping stranded drivers in minutes.

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At we’re obsessed with helping stranded drivers in minutes. But we don’t have a one-track mind either: Anyone doing inventive things with on-demand services, or executing cool products in our back yard of DC, gets our attention.

So when it was announced this week that @FishbowlLabs alum Mhelpdesk and our friends at RideScout were partly and wholly acquired respectively by HomeAdvisor and Daimler’s Car2go we had to shout about it. Whoot!

We actually watched Mhelpdesk hustle from day one, building a killer field  software package and banging their gong for every new customer win (yep, an actual gong). Awesome to watch - and hear. And RideScout – what a, uh, ride they’ve had! In just a year they landed an app giving point-to-point trip planning with an aggregate of travel options in one view. Very cool. 

So if you need to streamline your operations or find the best way to get from point A to point B, please check these guys out. And, as always, if want to reduce the time it takes to get help with a tow, jump, lockout etc. you know where to go. It’s our one-track obsession.