August 1, 2016

On-Demand is the New Black

Why Pay For It If You Don’t Use It?

Yes, in many ways the subscription economy is what’s in vogue today. Today, subscriptions have evolved and reach far beyond the days when it was just magazines, newspapers, and milk. With subscription binge-watching through Netflix, subscription car-driving through Zipcar and even subscription cooking through Blue Apron, it would seem that the way to go nowadays is to just plop in your credit card info to sign up for a subscription, and have a good or service always accessible on your computer, or consistently appearing at your front door.

But with all of these subscriptions out there, do you wonder whether you really need them, or whether you’re getting as much out of them as you’re paying in? There are so many subscription goods and services out there you could be throwing money away for things you don’t even use. Some people don’t even realize they’re paying for these subscriptions! Most offer a free trial, and users who sign up but never even use the service are likely to forget about it - and forget to cancel that trial before their cards are charged!

With the demands of a modern life and the ease of electronic management of accounts, it’s challenging to manage so many accounts. But there’s an app out there that will do it for you! Truebill will find and track all of your paid subscriptions, allowing you to view and manage them from one convenient location. With just a few clicks, users can even cancel subscriptions through Truebill!


Truebill says that 25% of users request a cancellation of a subscription after signing up with Truebill, and those who do save an average of $512 annually! Woah, just imagine what you could do with that extra $512! Best of all, Truebill is totally free. Sign up online, or download the app for free on iOS or Android.

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