February 24, 2016

'Put Your Thumb to Better Use'

A nice feature about Urgent.ly was posted on InTheCapital today.

A nice feature about Urgent.ly was posted on InTheCapital today.

Rather than rehash their write-up, we figured we’d repost some of it below. Enjoy!

Everyone has their own horror story: a flat tire during rush hour, locking your keys in the car when you’re already late for a meeting, a dead battery in the dead of winter. Or that time your bumper fell off en route to the Beyoncé concert (because we’ve all been there, right?), but I digress.

As inconvenient as these incidents might be, what comes next is often even worse: the waiting, worrying, and wondering if help will ever arrive. For those who belong to a roadside membership club, the waits on hold are tough to endure, and the methodology they use to dispatch a tow truck seems completely black box. The only people worse at providing you with an estimated time of arrival is the cable company. And for those of us without roadside assistance coverage, the challenge is even harder.

If you’ve ever been in this situation then you are familiar with that strand sensation that time seems to stand still when we are waiting for help. Seconds feel like minutes. Minutes feel like hours.  And it’s not just the waiting; it’s the anxiety of not knowing where they are, when to expect them, or if they will even show up.

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