Reasons Mom Deserves A Road Trip Vacation This Mother's Day

May 4, 2016

Reasons Mom Deserves A Road Trip Vacation This Mother's Day

Fresh memories for your mom

Your mother gave birth to you, raised you, and was responsible for your health, safety, and well-being for the first 18 years of your life. She loves you in a way that is totally unique, and no matter how old you are, it’s likely she is still thinking about you and looking out for you to this very day. Doesn’t Mom deserve a day where you show how much you love and think of her, too? Though the love and care we receive from our parents is deserving of recognition and celebration each and and every day of the year, there is one day nationally dedicated to appreciation of our moms: Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day as we know it today became official across the United States in 1914, through a proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson. This was largely thanks to the work of Anna Jarvis, the “mother of Mother’s Day,” who recalled her own mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, once saying, “I hope and pray that someone, sometime, will found a memorial mother's day commemorating her for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life. She is entitled to it.” Held on the second Sunday of each May, this year Mother’s Day falls on May 8, 2016.

At, we agree with Jarvis and her mother: Mother’s are entitled to a wonderful day in which they are recognized and celebrated for all they’ve given us! And what better way to show your appreciation for mom than taking her on a road trip vacation for the occasion? If you’re not yet convinced that a road trip is exactly what mom deserves this Mother’s Day, consider the following:

  1. She Works Harder Than You Realize

Sure, you know your mom has put a lot of time and energy into raising her family - but did you ever really think about how much? Research shows that in 2011, the average mom spent 52.7 hours weekly on child care, housework, and paid work. Other research estimates that over the course of 18 years, she spends about 15,834 hours caring for her children! Mothers also tend to average less leisure time than dads. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give mom a chance to relax with a break from the daily grind.

  1. A Mother’s Work Doesn’t End At Home

Regardless of whether or not your mother holds paid employment, she’s likely responsible for the majority of child care, cooking, laundry, housework, shopping, and familial finances. This labor - which is vital to the functioning of the American family and society at large - is completely unpaid and often goes largely unrecognized. This Mother’s Day, help Mom leave ALL of her work behind for a little while with a road trip! But be sure to let moms relax while dads and kids do the prep work for the trip, and help with catching up on the housework afterwards!

  1. There’s Somewhere She’d Love to Go

Moms have desires too! Whether it’s the beach or the mountains, an attraction a few towns away, or even just a new movie, museum exhibit, or restaurant, there’s probably a place your mother wants to go, but hasn’t yet found the opportunity. Mom was always your hero; be hers this Mother’s Day and make her destination dreams come true.

  1. A Road Trip is Inherently Family-Focused

On a road trip, the whole gang gets to spend quality driving time together as a family.  Everyone gets locked in within a few feet of each other, with no one else around to interrupt. Take this opportunity to put down your phones, books, video games, etc. and catch up on each other’s lives! Here are a few creative ideas on keeping kids entertained on the drive!

  1. You’ll Make Lifelong Memories

Take the opportunity to do something memorable with your mother. A road trip makes for a great adventure, and you’re bound to have stories to tell - not just about your destination, but your journey too! Even after the trip is over, the family will be able to bond over the vacation - in the moment and for years to come. Down the road, these are the times you’ll have to look back on. So take this chance to get away, to try something new, to bond as a family, and to make a memory in honor of your mother.

Need ideas for your Mother’s Day road trip? has you covered.


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