Teacher Appreciation Day

May 8, 2017

How To Show Appreciation For The Educators In Your Life

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The month of May is all about educator appreciation. In addition to May being Teacher Appreciation Month, there is also Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day. Teachers have a very difficult but important job, and it’s time we recognized that. They take care of our children, teach them important skills, and offer guidance throughout their education. With so many reasons to show appreciation for our educators, we wanted to offer some gift ideas that your teacher will love.

Want to show your appreciation but not sure how? We’ve got you covered with this list of 10 gift ideas for the educator in your life:

  1. Chances are, your teacher is often up early. Help them arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed with a gift card to Starbucks or Peets Coffee, a fool proof gift idea that is always appreciated.
  2. For those teachers with a green thumb out there, head to your local nursery and pick up a potted plant. Bonus points if you or your kids decorate the pot!
  3. Like the classic red apple, a fruits and vegetables basket is a healthy gift that your teacher will surely appreciate. Add a personal touch by growing or picking the fruits and veggies yourself.
  4. Does your teacher have a pet? If so, you can a get gift card to a local pet store, or even create a basket for their pet.
  5. Teachers often must pay out-of-pocket for school supplies due to budget limitations. Give them a helping hand by getting a few things that you think they could use around the classroom.
  6. Teachers have a very tiring job, so help them relax with a gift card to a movie theater or even a spa! This gesture will mean a lot to them, as not many people realize how tiring being a teacher can be.
  7. For the teachers out there with a taste for music (good or bad), we recommend an iTunes gift card. The next time they blast their favorite music, they will remember your thoughtfulness in the process.
  8. Many teachers have a personal library for their students that is an integral part of the classroom. Help expand their library and pick up a few books for them to add to their collection.
  9. Stacks of papers, books, planners and more, teachers have a lot to carry. Help your teacher get their supplies to and from the classroom with a personalized tote bag.
  10. Like the fruit and veggie basket, satisfy that teacher with a sweet tooth by making a candy basket filled with their favorite candy. Your teacher will surely not forget who gave them sweets – or a cavity!

Teachers are often underappreciated, and we owe them thanks for all that they do. Use this list or come up with your own idea, but make sure you show your appreciation on National Teacher Appreciation Day, a time to honor the individuals who have shaped our lives in so many important ways.

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