Tow Truck Driver to the Presidents

February 24, 2016

This guy is awesome.

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This guy is awesome.  

After serving on the advance clearing crew for every president since Bush I, NYPD tow truck driver Clarence Baugh finally got to meet one of them, shaking hands with President Obama this week.

Baugh leads a life a little different than our drivers, who are focused on folks with urgent roadside assistance needs. Instead, for nearly 29 years he has cleared the roads of double-parkers, scofflaws and other rule-shirkers in order for the rest of us to get from point A to B.

And that life can win you a few arrows in backside - turns out people don’t like being towed unless they’re requested help. huh.

Despite all that, Mr. Baugh seems to have one of the best attitudes as a shield. Quoted by The Daily Beast Baugh said, “Be polite, be respectful … Even though you’re going to have people who are rude to you, always stay polite, stay respectful.”

Words to live by.

We salute Baugh, and the job he clearly loves. But hey: if you’re looking to make a switch, Mr. Baugh, and drive for … let us know!!