December 20, 2016 Attends the American Towman Exposition

Meeting with Towers at The Baltimore Tow Show

Each November, American Towman organizes a convention dedicated to the towing industry. You may also know it as The Baltimore Tow Show, but they call it “the greatest show of all time.” Held at the Baltimore Convention Center right in the heart of Charm City, the Exposition features everything from the latest in service, towing, and wrecking vehicles to products and services by and for towers. Exhibitors and attendees come from across the state, country, and even the world to gather, network, and take in the latest the industry has to offer.

Baltimore is just a hop, skip, and a jump from’s corporate headquarters in Vienna, Virginia, so several members of the team enjoyed their own little road trip to the Inner Harbor, while others flew in from offices across the country. The team quickly and diligently got to work setting up our brand new booth, featuring images of both our mobile driver app in action, and a dedicated service provider. Then it was just a matter of time until the main event - the show itself!

With towers, dispatchers, and other roadside servicers from around the country in attendance, we knew we’d get to talk to many of our existing service providers, the people who power our network so that we can provide roadside help any time and any place across the nation. Bill Maddox,’s National Service Director, explained, “For, it was a great opportunity to tell the story,  meet the owners of several of our key providers, sign up new providers, and discuss business with partners in the industry.”  

As part of the Expo, we had the opportunity to meet many new providers, and introduce them to the model - that is: More jobs. More money. More respect. Maddox recalled, “We had scores of providers stop by the booth inquiring about the business model and wanting to sign up.  Key areas of interest for them were the free cost and ease of signing up, no penalties for declining a job, paperless transactions with next day pay, and rates that are more favorable to them then the Motor Clubs.”

Of course, this model is integral to the mission. We’re striving to drive change towards better roadside assistance, across the industry. And we don’t just mean for the customer in need of help. We’re making roadside assistance better for the service providers, too. We treat towers and servicers like customers because they deserve to be treated that way.

The team returned from the Baltimore Tow Show excited about both the show itself, and the quality time they’d had together. Maddox explained the value of the show not just in terms of connecting with Service Providers, but also as an opportunity for a team that is heavily integrated and collaborative, even as they work from opposite sides of the country. Additionally, the American Towman Exposition arrived on the heels of the addition of several new members to the team, including Maddox himself. He said, “it was a perfect time to meet everyone on the team, share stories about the team and company, and poke a little fun at each other!!  The kind of time that builds great relationships and great teams!”

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