May 26, 2017 Day 2017

The Team Celebrates 4 Years of!

Last week employees, friends, family, and even a few local partners and service providers gathered to recognize having spent 4 years of reinventing roadside assistance. was officially incorporated in May of 2013, so we chose Wednesday, May 17, 2017 to celebrate our 4th anniversary!

Our Vienna, VA office celebrated with a party on the top deck of the parking garage - complete with food, drinks, an inflatable obstacle course, and a dunk tank - to collect donations for the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum’s Survivors Fund. The San Diego Office celebrated in style too, with food and festivities taking place inside of the Customer Support Center.

We’re incredibly grateful for everyone who has been a part of this journey - customers, service providers, partners, investors, colleagues, and the friends and family who support us all. Congratulations on four fabulous years, and we’re excited for many more annual celebrations to come. Check out some photos from the event below!

Members of the Development team enjoy a rare break from developing’s latest innovative technology.

The coolest cat in the Vienna, VA office VP of Finance Mike Skoff graciously agreed to take one for the team. He agreed to be our dunk tank victim in order to help us raise funds for the families of tow truck drivers and roadside assistance professionals who lose their lives while helping customers get back on the road. Day guests took turns attempting to submerge Mike in 300 gallons of cold water (likely a welcome reprieve from the 90+ degree weather) in exchange for donations to the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum’s Survivors Fund.

But then the team realized that it wasn’t fair for Mike to be the only one having all the fun in the dunk tank… in went Director of Marketing Jaivin.

And Software Engineer Quang.

And then our Technical Writer, Josh.

The team celebrates a round of soaking colleagues in the dunk tank.

Members of the Product & Technology Team, along with Intern Avery are all smiles at Day 2017!

Of course, no birthday celebration is complete without cake. Thanks to Sweet City Desserts for our delicious Ube cake complete with chocolate filling and the logo!

Many thanks to our building manager, Bernard, who brought us Fluffy Thoughts cupcakes the next morning. The team enjoyed a very sweet breakfast treat. Are startups fueled by sugar?

The west coast office joined in on the fun too, with cupcakes, food, and celebration among the entire team!

The San Diego team celebrates Day 2017!

4 Years of!

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