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June 5, 2019

Urgently Launches Collision Logistics Management™

Powered by Urgently’s global mobility and roadside assistance platform, Urgently Collision Logistics Management provides a more efficient, transparent and cost-saving solution to existing accident scene and secondary towing processes.

VIENNA, VA (June 5, 2019)Urgently, the leading global mobility and roadside assistance platform, today introduced Collision Logistics Management™, providing a more efficient, transparent and cost-saving alternative to existing accident scene and secondary towing processes. Powered by Urgently’s global mobility and roadside assistance platform, Urgently Collision Logistics Management provides a better overall experience for insurers and their policyholders.

An accident is a pivotal moment in the customer journey across all segments of the mobility and roadside ecosystem – insurance, OEM, rental, fleet and repair. Urgently Collision Logistics Management leverages advanced technology with proven collision protocols to improve transparency and efficiency through each step of the process, thereby reducing costs and lowering the need for costly secondary clearances.

“Urgently is continually innovating to create better experiences for insurers, OEMs, roadside assistance professionals and consumers,” said Chris Spanos, CEO and co-founder of Urgently. “Our new Collision Logistics Management solution allows insurance companies to save money by eliminating historically inefficient processes that result in secondary tow and storage fees, as well as added rental reimbursement costs. Efficient workflows also reduce costs and cycle time related to claims, creating a better experience for claim representatives and policyholders.”

Current accident lifecycle processes are fragmented and costly, lacking transparency, leading to a less than optimal experience for all involved. Urgently Collision Logistics Management will drive an improved overall claims experience for insurance representatives and their policyholders, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits of Urgently Collision Logistics Management include:

  • Efficiency. Increases representative productivity by as much as 50 percent by uniquely streamlining claims representative workflows.
  • Savings. Substantially reduces carrier costs from fewer tows and reduced storage and rental reimbursement.
  • Greater Transparency. Fully API-based platform integrates all stages of the vehicle and collision lifecycle to drive efficiencies for all stakeholders.

The Collision Logistics Management platform integrates with key FNOL, telematics, connected car platforms and partners to provide a critical solution point in the collision claims lifecycle. The services provided by Urgently are a core component of a larger software ecosystem that includes leading insurance carriers, OEMs, telematics platforms and FNOL partners. Future enhancements will include the ability to leverage vehicle telematics data and automated crash notifications (ACN) information to make real-time decisions at First Notice of Loss, leading to even more efficient collision logistics processes in the future.

Learn more about Urgently industry solutions at https://www.geturgently.com/industry-solutions.

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