Urgent.ly Roadside – Now Even Faster on iPhone

February 24, 2016

We love announcing new things, and this is a big one.

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We love announcing new things, and this is a big one. After months of getting hundreds out of jams in the DC area via our mobile-optimized Website (http://m.urgent.ly), we’re happy to announce the first release of Urgent.ly for the iPhone!

The best way to use the new app is to pre-load your personal info, including credit card number, so if your ever have any roadside issue you’ll be about two taps from help heading your way.

We’ve also packaged something extra inside – we call it FamilyView. In the near future we’ll talk a lot more about it but for now you can think of FamilyView as a way to monitor your kids or family members right on your phone if they ever get a flat, need a jump or a tow. It’s cool, and very reassuring.

Read all about it here then grab the app now and make your iPhone a remote control to switch channels on roadside emergencies.