February 24, 2016

With Urgent.ly, Pay Only for What You Use

With Urgent.ly our consumers get several benefits over the existing roadside help options.

With Urgent.ly our consumers get several benefits over the existing roadside help options. 

We’ve enumerated them here before so we won’t dive deep, but rather bullet them out as a refresher:

  • Requesting help requires no"black box" call center dialing, where customers may find themselves in a labyrinth of hurry-and-wait IVR queues.
  • Once a servicer is on the way, customers can watch on their phone’s map to mark their progress.
  • With our expanding mesh network of servicers we’re often able to connect consumers to nearby help in seconds.
  • Using our iPhone app customers can be alerted when loved-ones are requesting help, then watch as servicers speed to the rescue.

We think all of these are cool of course, but this list doesn’t cover one major benefit of using Urgent.ly: Dollars and cents.

To use Urgent.ly for anything from flats to dead batteries is to reject the old subscription / club model and embrace the present, where things we need are available “on demand” where and when we need them so we only have to pay for what we use. Those clubs and membership services frequently come with a sort of invisible catch: if you don’t use it, you still pay for it. 

Depending on the program – via insurance providers or auto club – we’ve heard customers lament having to pay upwards of $100 a year for something they may never use. We’ve also heard from folks who tried to use their club service only to be rejected because they lost their precious membership card. Sad.

So while our prices are competitive and generally deliver more money to the servicers than the old-model guys, the important thing for consumers to keep in mind: with Urgent.ly it’s pay as you go (after we’ve gotten you going) and not a penny before.

As always, find out more at our home page: http://urgent.ly.