Get Help Now!
Get Help Now!
REQUEST IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE is the leading on-demand roadside assistance service, providing 24/7/365 access to roadside services across the United States and Puerto Rico. We’re not your traditional, old-school, membership-required, profit-squeezing auto club. And we’re certainly not AAA.

Simply put, we’re better.

Leveraging sophisticated technology, is able to instantly connect a customer in need with a nearby, available, qualified service provider. In an Uber-like experience, customers then get to watch in real-time as help arrives.

Say goodbye to the days of endless waiting on hold while you listen to elevator music, waiting to know whether someone is coming to help, and then more waiting while you wonder if and when your tow truck will arrive. Leave those old-school membership roadside assistance programs in the dust - will have you back on the road before they’ve even arrived.

To use the service, either download our free app - available on both iOS and Android - or tap GET HELP NOW on our website for immediate assistance.
Auto Clubs

24/7/365 Nationwide  Coverage

Free-to-Download app

Available on iOS and Android

No membership required

Easy, digital payment

Flat-rate, pay-per-use pricing

Transparent costs, displayed before you’re charged

No hidden fees

Request service immediately online or in-app

Location tracking finds where you are so you don’t have to

Watch in real-time as help arrives

Quick response times getting you back on the road faster


Accident Detection

Varies by auto club, and by policy/membership options.

Success Stories

Get Help Now!
Get Help Now!