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Workforce Analyst II


Your mission is to leverage forecasting, WFM modeling as well as technology support best practices to run tight processes that are critical to us running our core operations.  You are responsible for creating and modifying key workforce models to help our teams in forecasting workload, implement key clients, production scheduling, day to day staffing management, as well as month end efficiency measurement, reporting and analytical activities.


YOUR LEGACY: You came in and effectively partnered with five different departments - each with their own unique challenges.  You did this by creating great relationships with your departmental leaders and through your support of them you ensured they hit their weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Your models, staffing schedules and forecasting helped Urgently meet or exceed all of our client expectations. You quickly became indispensable because so many of our key leaders across our company came to count on you and your work.  The result?  You helped ensure that Urgently became the world’s leading mobility assistance company.  



Support  our Customer Success Center (CSC) five person management team with key WFM areas:

  • Daily staffing attendance and PTO reporting
  • Timesheet reporting
  • Schedule changes
  • Time off requests/scheduling
  • Analytical support for special projects
  • Workforce volume forecasting and planning
  • IVR Scripting

Create new IVR flows: 

  • Work with our partner management and customer success support (CSS) teams, to create IVR flows using InContact (our Telephony Platform).  If you’ve used InContact, all the better!

In your first 30 days learn/understand our existing workforce models and create new models that make us better:

  • Be able to forecast needs for both our current clients (automobile manufactures and insurance companies) and clients that we’re bringing online. Create staffing models across all operational departments for new clients based on their unique SOWs

Learn/understand all call center (CSC) scheduling techniques and deliverables and create and implement weekly employee schedules:  

  • Using Teleopti, a web based workforce management solution (if you have used it before, all the better!), create and manage schedules for all call center personnel along with and approved by your site director every week

Partner with your WFM colleagues to deliver all essential reports for key stakeholders (Executive team, clients, and more)  

Learn and operate all WFM and key production systems which include using the following technologies and platforms:

Note:  You must have strong excel/google sheets experience but the rest of these platforms we are willing to teach you if you’re a fast learner. 

  • Excel/google sheets 
  • Teleopti
  • Kronos and Paycom - our time management platforms
  • InContact - our telephony platform
  • CSS Portal - our call center customer relationship management portal 



  • You have exceptional Excel, google sheets, and analytical chops.   From there, your deep analytical skills help you provide necessary reporting that aids others in making critical staffing decisions. You understand business needs change  frequently and you provide new staffing requirements that are nimble and help our business pivot quickly.  
  • You help fulfill the unmet potential of IVR.  You understand that many businesses miss out on millions of dollars in potential cost savings because they limit their IVR use to strict routing logic. You use thoughtful design and good IVR applications to reinforce our brand and contribute to a unified cross-channel experience.   
  • You understand that the current way things are being done is not the best way.   You want to build to get better.  You are the kind of leader who analyzes everything deeply to ensure you are building the most efficient way of forecasting future volume trends.  You get staffing models and know how to build them from scratch. 
  • You are obsessed with creating a stellar work experience.  You know that scheduling has a huge impact on our employees’ personal and professional lives and manage it tightly to ensure they have as much advance notice as to when they’ll be working.    Others say you have carried the “culture torch” in your previous roles and you are psyched to ensure that Urgently is one of the best companies to work for nationally. 
  • You are the king/queen of reprioritization and are obsessed with the details.  You get the importance of balancing the speed and quality of your work.  When you share your work with various stakeholders you understand that your reports will be used to make vital decisions for the organization so you always  triple check them.
  • You know your tools and how to use them. You work smarter and not harder. You know and understand what tools you have at your disposal and when to use them. When you think a new tool might help you operate more effectively you make the case for it, get it and implement it 
  • You proactively solve problems before they can become real problems.   You are adept at anticipating peoples’ needs before they even realize they have them.  You are always looking ahead of the curve and building proactive solutions rather than getting stuck having to play “reactive whack-a-mole.”  


  • Location = Great news! You have the option of working from anywhere in the U.S.
  • Compensation = Commensurate with experience for a company of Urgently’s size
  • Manager = You’ll report to our Director of Workforce Management.
  • Benefits =  At Urgently, we have awesome benefits! They include competitive pay, medical/dental/vision benefits and stock options which give you a stake in our company. In addition, we offer long-term disability, short-term disability, life insurance, and 10 holidays off every year and unlimited PTO. On top of all this, Urgently gives you free money when you save through our 401(k).  We match 100% on the first 3% you contribute and then 50% of the next 2% you contribute. So, if you contribute 5% of your paycheck, we’ll match 4% of that.



At Urgently, we don’t just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our customers and the communities where we operate. We are an equal opportunity employer which means that employment and advancement at Urgently is based on a person's merit and qualifications. 


We do not discriminate against any applicant or employee on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, religion, creed, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. 


You should also know that we adhere to these same principles in all aspects of employment, including, but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, job assignment, compensation, promotion, access to benefits and training, discipline, and termination of employment. 


Applicants with disabilities may be entitled to reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar applicable state laws. Please let us know if you need assistance completing any forms or to otherwise participate in the application process.

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