Accident Detection

So you're never alone on the road

Peace of Mind, Free of Charge

With Accident Detection, someone is always looking out for you. No matter how experienced or focused one is behind the wheel, nobody can control everything that occurs on the road. Accidents happen, unfortunately. Of course, we all do everything within our power to avoid them - but what about when that's just not enough? In those not-rare-enough cases, has your back. Our app has the ability to sense an accident and immediately respond to get you the help you need.

HOW IT WORKS partnered with ZenDrive to bring Accident Detection to the app. Using the ZenDrive technology, the app has the ability to determine when there’s been an accident while traveling over 30 miles per hour. Once Accident Detection has been enabled, the feature is automatically active whenever the app is open. 

Once an accident is detected, the app automatically sends a prompt to ask if you require roadside assistance. No need to fumble through your phone. Accidents can be stressful and harrowing experiences. The last thing you want to worry about is finding roadside assistance. Let find the nearest service provider and dispatch them directly to you. As always, you can watch in real time on the app as they arrive.

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Accident Alerts allow users to predefine a contact who will be automatically alerted via text message when the app detects an accident. In this way, users can travel with the peace of mind that their loved ones will always be able to look out for them. accident detection alert
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The app is free to download and there is no fee for Accident Detection services. Users pay only flat-rates for roadside assistance services on demand. Download today and use Accident Detection for superior coverage and protection while you drive.

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