Frequently Asked Questions about Urgent.ly On-Demand Roadside Assistance

Urgent.ly FAQ

Q: What is roadside assistance?
A: Roadside assistance is the ability to get help when your car, truck, minivan, coupe, or roadster gets stuck on the road. Urgent.ly is available to help with any roadside assistance need you may have.

Q: What is Urgent.ly?
A: Urgent.ly is a new app that allows drivers to contact tow trucks and roadside assistance without signing up or paying for a membership.

Q: What is the difference between Urgent.ly and other roadside assistance providers?
A: Unlike AAA and other traditional roadside assistance companies, Urgent.ly is an on-demand service provided via an app downloaded on your phone.  There are only flat fees and no membership fees as opposed to the other guys.

Q: How does Urgent.ly work?
A: It is simple! You download the Urgent.ly On-Demand Roadside Assistance app to your phone, and when you need assistance we are only a few taps away. Urgent.ly helps get you going again whether it is a dead battery, flat tire, running out of gas, requiring a tow or you got locked out. Like Uber, you can see who is near by to your location, track the tow driver or mechanic, and contact them with questions all from your phone. The fees are up-front and on-demand, so you never pay for what you don't need or are shocked by the bill.

Q: Does Urgent.ly charge a membership fee?
A: Unlike the industry that we are currently disrupting, there are no membership fees.  You only need to download the app and request service.  An estimate is given and you are only charged the amount needed for the tow.  It is as simple as that, no more wasted membership fees!

Q: How will I know that my service request has been accepted?
A: Just like Uber, you will see a confirmation in the app and you can track the tow truck as it approaches your location.

Q: How long will it take for someone to come and help me?
A: Wait times depend on demand and location, but rest assured Urgent.ly is far quicker than the traditional roadside assistance options and you can even track their arrival on the map in the app.

Q: With which phones is Urgent.ly compatible?
A: Urgent.ly is compatible with any iPhone running iOS 8.0 and above, and any Android phone running Android 4.4 and above.  Urgent.ly can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play store.

Q: How do I know the tow truck coming to me is safe and reliable?
A: The core of the Urgent.ly service network has been providing roadside assistance services to customers for more than 15 years.  All of our service providers have been vetted and are monitored for safety and quality to ensure the best experience possible. Additionally, you will be able to see exactly who is coming to provide service, and can contact them through the app. You will know ahead of time where your car will be towed and will have a record of the transaction.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: Securely pay by credit card through the app. The FamilyView feature allows you to store a credit card for family members, so that they do not need to worry about paying.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Getting you going again due to the most common roadside headaches (dead battery, flat tire, running out of gas, or getting locked out) costs $75. Towing your vehicle to a location up to 10 miles away costs $99, with tiered pricing for drop-offs farther than 10 miles.

Q: What is the best roadside assistance service?
A: Urgent.ly is the best roadside assistance service because it offers you on-demand service when you need it and does not cost any membership fees. We offer transparent service with clear, flat-rate pricing, cashless payment, and reliable help for motorists in need of a tow, tire change, fuel delivery, jump start or lock-out service.  Urgent.ly is also the only roadside assistance service in America with accident alert detection technology and FamilyView – a unique feature that provides families and caregivers peace of mind by allowing them to track the roadside service of a loved one from start to finish.

Q: How do I download the Urgent.ly on-demand roadside assistance service app?
You can download the Urgent.ly app for the iPhone on the Apple App Store or for any Android phone on the Google Play Store.

Q: Can the Urgent.ly app detect an accident?

A: Urgent.ly has accident alert detection that will automatically ask you if you need assistance. If you use FamilyView, you will be alerted if a family member is in an accident as well. So, you will always know if your flock is safe.

Q: Is there a roadside assistance service my whole family can use?
A: Urgent.ly has a unique feature called FamilyView, that allows you to connect to the people you care about to your account. So if there is ever an issue, you’ll be instantly alerted while we get them the help they need ASAP. The charges will go directly to your card on file (no payment worries for them), and you can watch in real time as their help arrives. No matter where you are, no matter where they are, FamilyView keeps everyone close if there’s ever a roadside crisis.

Q: Does Urgent.ly provide roadside assistance for exotic cars?
A: Yes, Urgent.ly provides service for exotic cars whether it is a Ferrari, 1965 Ford Mustang, or any other one-of-a-kind car. Open the Urgent.ly app, type in your location and request Exotic Car Towing. Urgent.ly's network of service providers will be immediately notified and within minutes, you will receive a call or text from a service provider to let you when help will arrive, as well as the estimated cost of the pay-on-demand service. You will have peace of mind, knowing that your baby is being handled by experts.

Q: Is flatbed towing a service Urgent.ly offers?
A: Urgent.ly has a fleet of flatbed tow trucks in our cache of service providers.  If you've ever wondered, "Is there a flatbed tow truck near me?", there is now.  With Urgent.ly, you’re just a couple clicks away from fast, reliable flatbed towing service. Open the Urgent.ly app, type in your location and request Flatbed Towing. Urgent.ly's network of service providers will be immediately notified and within minutes, you will receive a call or text from a service provider to let you when help will arrive, as well as the estimated cost of the pay-on-demand service.

Q: What does roadside assistance cover?
A: With Urgent.ly you are covered if you are in the need of a tow, tire change, fuel delivery, jump start or lock-out service. We offer transparent service with clear, flat-rate pricing, cashless payment, and reliable help for motorists. Unlike your traditional roadside assistance club membership, you do not need to pay a membership fee to belong. Just download the app, and we are there to help.

Q: How do I cancel my AAA membership?
A: AAA requires members to pay a fee annually, regardless of whether or not they use the service. Cancelling your membership and putting the money you would have spent back in your wallet - where it belongs - is possible. You can find step by step directions to cancel your AAA membership here.

Q: Do apps work for roadside assistance?
A: Urgent.ly takes the place of your standard auto-club memberships, by offering faster, quality service without having to wait on hold. We use apps for everything in our lives now, why not roadside assistance? Flat fees, transparent service providers in an easy to use interface. Over 200,000 drivers across America have found better roadside assistance service through Urgent.ly. In addition, millions of drivers have direct access to Urgent.ly through its integration in a broad range of mapping and connected car platforms.

Q: How do I get roadside assistance near me?
A: Urgent.ly provides fast, on-demand roadside assistance in a variety of locations throughout the United States through our apps on Android and iTunes. All you have to do is download it and request service. Whether you are in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, or a small town in Colorado, we have providers near you. In a hurry? Use the web app to get service right now, no downloads required.

Q: How do I change a tire?
A: You can watch a tutorial on changing a tire here. Or you can leave it to the professionals, and have a qualified technician reach out to you in minutes. No ongoing membership fees or greasy hands required.
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