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Urgently’s Roadside as a Service™, the only global digital roadside assistance platform, continues to reimagine the roadside assistance industry to the benefit of global brands, roadside assistance professionals, and consumers. Urgently’s solution delivers the quickest, safest and most innovative roadside assistance service, products and technology by combining location-based services, real-time data, AI and machine-to-machine communication. Urgently’s platform powers roadside assistance solutions in North America, Europe and Asia for leading brands across the automotive, insurance, telematics and other transportation-focused verticals.

Over 200,000 drivers across America have found better roadside assistance service through Urgently.  In addition, millions of drivers have direct access to Urgently through its integration in a broad range of mapping and connected car platforms. The core of the Urgently service network has been providing roadside assistance services to customers for more than 15 years.