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Audi manufactures a host of models including the A3, SR, and S8, among others. The R8, TT, and TTS are some of the most popular sports cars on the road today.  Audi also offers some of the most popular convertibles out there, with many drivers touring the country from New York to California in the Cabriolet, Roadster, and Spyder.  

Even the best road trip in your Audi can be interrupted by a flat tire, lockout or running out of gas. can help with all your general roadside assistance needs for all Audi cars like the Q3, Q5 hybrid, and A5.  Our service providers are very experienced in dealing with Audis and provide drivers with the utmost care when assisting on roadside events.  They are familiar with how to unlock a car, the type of gas that's needed, the best way to change a tire, and most importantly, how to properly tow a Audi when necessary.

No cash?  No problem.'s cashless payment system means you'll never be left stranded.  Rather than committing to a membership service, you can access on-demand only when you need it.  Do you have a Audi in your family?  Our FamilyView feature allows you to add your family to your account so you can help them when they need it most.  Our convenient feature lets you share one account and billing information so they don’t have to add their own payment method at the time of need. also provides a free Accident Detection feature where you can be notified if your family member gets into an accident.  Best of all, is available nationwide, so help is always near you.

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