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Tulsa is situated at the foothills of the Ozark mountains on the Arkansas river in northeast Oklahoma. This 198 square mile city is comprised of 6 areas that include Downtown which houses historical architecture and seats the city’s financial and business district. Midtown is residential and in the heart of the city. Northside is an ethnically diverse area and home to several historic districts. The Southside is a popular area boasting many luxurious homes. The Eastside and Westside are mainly residential. A car is essential while traveling through this city. Don’t let a car breakdown delay you. Download the Urgent.ly app for all your on-demand roadside assistance emergencies. We are here to help, with fast and friendly service.

Tulsa, the Oil Capital of the World, is the forty-seventh most populated city in the United States. The city is the second largest in Oklahoma and lies in the most densely populated county in Oklahoma. Home to the University of Tulsa, the city thrives with museums, theatre, upscale shopping districts, sports and outdoor recreation. The city boasts a large concentration of art deco architecture. While you are traveling in and around the Oil Capital of the World and you suddenly find yourself searching for “roadside assistance near me”, look no further than the Urgent.ly app. We are here for you in case you need roadside assistance.

Roadside emergencies are frustrating surprises. You’ll have peace of mind knowing Urgent.ly is only an app away. Before you set out on your travels download Urgent.ly. So if you're in need of roadside assistance for jump starts or tire changes, we'll be there fast. If you've got a car lockout or are out of gas and need roadside assistance now, you'll be glad you have our app. Urgent.ly provides on-demand towing service - and we're usually faster than that, uh, "association" roadside assistance.

The city is accessible by the I-244, I-44, 75, 51 and 412 freeways. Tulsa’s population growth and deteriorating roadways and bridges ranks the city at #16 in the United States for the worst traffic congestion. On average, a driver will sit in traffic for 32 hours in a year. When you are traveling the Oil Capital of the World roadways and all of a sudden you find yourself with a flat tire, have run out gas or are in need of a tow truck, Urgent.ly is here to help.

If you need a roadside assistance service for any unfortunate occurrences, let us make it easier, faster and cheaper than ever before: towing services, dead battery, locked your keys in the car, have a flat tire, out of fuel, stuck in a ditch or your fancy, exotic car needs to be towed.

Go ahead and explore! Take I-244 and attend a performance at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. Head to Osage Hills and spend an afternoon at the Gilcrease Museum that houses the largest collection of art and artifacts of the American West. When mealtime comes savor the flavors of Lebanon at Dena’s Lebanese and Ethnic Cuisine, this restaurant has been called “a hidden gem”. A trip to Tulsa would not be complete without sampling some barbecue. Head downtown to Burn Co. BBQ, they will deliver your meal straight from the Hasty Bake Charcoal Oven. Wherever you go and whatever you do in the Oil Capital of the World, don’t let a car lockout or dead battery keep you from where you need to be. With fast and friendly service, Urgent.ly is only an app away for all your roadside emergencies.

Urgent.ly made a bad situation better. I broke down about 10 miles from my house with 2 kids in the car. It was a hot day and I was so relieved when the tow truck showed up in less than 30 minutes. - Margaret S., Tulsa, OK.

Proud Partner of ABC Lock & Key, 6128 S 34th West Ave Tulsa, OK 74132, and many other Tulsa Oklahoma roadside assistance and towing providers.

City of Tulsa: https://www.cityoftulsa.org/default.aspx

Tulsa Quick Facts: http://www.census.gov/quickfacts/

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