Have a Dead Battery? Need a Jump Start?

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> Get Help Now!
If your car battery is dead or your vehicle's engine won't start, Urgent.ly is here to help.

95 times out of 100, it happens when you least expect it: your car won’t start and you need a jump. Even if you have jumper cables, it takes two to tango, and asking a stranger for a jump start just feels awkward.

Urgent.ly has the spark you’re looking for. With just a couple of simple clicks on your phone, we can quickly send a reliable roadside service provider near you to get your motor running for a low flat rate. You can get back on your way with a charged battery.

How it WorksTo get started, click on ‘Get Help Now!’ above, or open the Urgent.ly app. You can use our app on both Android and iOS smartphones, and the website link is available on all internet-connected devices.

1. Choose Jump Start from the dropdown menu.

2. Type in some basic information, including your name and phone number, and the make and model of your car.

3. Click ‘OK’, and Urgent.ly will pinpoint exactly where you are. 

4. Check the review page and edit your information if required.

5. Click ‘Next’, and Urgent.ly will find the nearest available towing service provider.

6. Check the estimated price, and then type in your credit or debit card details.

7. Look for a text message with an ETA, and then watch your provider approach in real time, either via a link provided in a text message or within the app.

8. For additional help, respond by text to Urgent.ly’s Customer Service department, or call your roadside rescuer directly at the provided number.

No Membership RequiredUrgent.ly does not require any membership at all. Just open the app or website and tell us what you need, and the platform will reach out to its large network of roadside service providers.

Get Dead Battery Help Fast!While club members often wait a long time, the large network of Urgent.ly service providers shrinks your wait to a minimum. We’ll dispatch a truck that is already close to where you are and ready to work.

The CostThe Urgent.ly app provides fair, transparent, no-haggle pricing. You will always know exactly much you have to pay before you agree. No more sitting by the side of the road wondering if you’re being ripped off.

So What Exactly Is Urgent.ly?To understand what we are, you need to know what we’re not: We’re not your father’s roadside rescue club. We’re industry disruptors with more than 15 years of experience in roadside assistance. We know what it’s like to be stuck, and our goal is to improve our industry for everyone: customers, partners, and service providers alike.

Urgent.ly has rapidly become America’s top on-demand roadside assistance service. We’re proud to offer the safest, fastest, and most innovative experience in our industry, without any subscriptions or membership fees. Our transparent process offers clear, flat-rate pricing, a cashless payment system, and top-notch customer service assistance.

In addition, we provide game-changing accident alert detection technology and FamilyView – a dynamic feature that lets friends or relatives track a loved one’s roadside assistance experience from beginning to end.

More than 275,000 drivers have already taken advantage of Urgent.ly’s 24/7/365 network of over 55,000 service vehicles throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Are you ready to join them?

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> Get Help Now!
> Get Help Now!
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Urgent.ly is available nationwide providing fast, reliable 24/7/375 emergency roadside assistance for car lockout, jump starts, out of gas, tire changes and towing service. Below, explore a small sample of the cities we serve.