How to Cancel AAA North Jersey Roadside Assistance

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Get Help Now!

Members of the AAA North Jersey Roadside Assistance can expect to pay membership fees whether or not they actually need or use the AAA roadside assistance. Unless you contact AAA to make changes to or cancel membership, it will automatically renew and membership dues are automatically charged to your credit card or debit card. With, America's Leading On-Demand Roadside Assistance Service - you only pay when you use it, and you can see the tow truck coming to you.

Cancel your AAA Membership today and download our dependable app,

You can cancel AAA North Jersey membership by following these steps:

1. Call the AAA Member Service Center: 1-201-902-1393

2. Select Member Services

3. Select Member Options

4. That will connect you with a customer service representative, who will cancel your membership for you.

Oh, and #5. Keep handy on your phone in case you need us.

Whatever area of Newark and surrounding areas you are in, including Harrison, East Orange, University Heights, West Side, Irvington, Maplewood, Kearny, Elizabeth and downtown Newark, is there to provide you fast and efficient roadside assistance service.

Whether you're in need of roadside assistance for out of fuel or tire change, you've got a car lockout or are out of gas, and need assistance, our app is there for you.