How to Cancel AAA Reading-Berks Roadside Assistance

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Get Help Now!
Get Help Now!

Members of AAA Reading-Berks are required to pay fees year after year in case they need roadside assistance.  If one never is in actual need of roadside assistance you are throwing valuable money down the drain!  Stop wasting money today and think of all of the better ways you can spend it!

You can cancel AAA membership by following these steps

1. Call the AAA Member Service Center: 1-610-374-4531

2. Select Member Services

3. Select Member Options

4. That will connect you with a customer service representative, who will cancel your membership

Oh, and #5. Keep handy on your phone in case you need us.

We think that roadside assistance should be economical for all drivers, without the need to pay for it in advance. You can download the free app now to ensure protection and peace of mind, and only pay for a tow when you actually need help. Since we transmit your information directly to service providers, there is no need to call into a central dispatch system or wait on hold for help - you can watch on the app’s map how close the tow truck is and approximately how many minutes it will take to arrive.