May 29, 2019

Introducing First Roadside Assistance Skill for Amazon Alexa

‍The new skill enables drivers to request help for a flat tire using the latest voice technology, eliminating the need to find or remember a phone number, demonstrating how Urgently is driving innovation and transformation in roadside and mobility assistance.

VIENNA, VA (May 29, 2019) Urgently, the leading global mobility and roadside assistance platform, today introduced the Urgently skill for Amazon Alexa. Urgently is the first-ever roadside assistance skill for Alexa, making it possible to ask for help with a flat tire using only your voice, eliminating the need to find or remember a phone number during the often stressful moments of a roadside event. The new voice-control compatibility with Alexa is just the latest example of how Urgently is driving change in roadside assistance through leadership and innovation.

To access assistance via the Urgently Roadside Assistance skill, users need the Amazon Alexa app or an Alexa-enabled device. After finding and enabling the skill on Alexa, users launch the feature by just saying, “Alexa, open Urgently.” Through a few simple questions, a flat tire roadside assistance service request is easily created and quickly assigned to a nearby service provider in the Urgently Nationwide Network of over 75,000 digitally connected Service Providers, and billed through Amazon Pay, eliminating the need for cash or the hassle of providing a credit card number. Users can get updates at any time on where their roadside service professional is and when they will arrive by simply asking Alexa for “Roadside Status.”

The flat tire service request is the first feature available through the Urgently skill for Alexa. However, Urgently is working with the Alexa Auto team to include additional roadside assistance services such as jump start, lockout, out of fuel and towing.

“A core part of Urgently’s mission is to make it easy for consumers to access fast and high-quality roadside assistance service whenever they need it and through whatever channel is best for them,” said Chris Spanos, CEO and co-founder of Urgently. “We are constantly working with leading companies, products and services such as Alexa Auto to develop and provide innovative customer experiences. With the new Urgently skill for Alexa, we’re able to assist customers at their moment of need through the fast-growing and critically important voice channel.”

The new Urgently skill for Alexa is part of a broader opportunity for voice-based services, which are fast becoming part of users’ daily lives. This is fueling consumer demand for in-vehicle integration of voice services, which ABI Research predicts will result in some 20 million vehicles shipping in 2023 that enable one or more of these services.

"Consumer demand, the impact on safety, and the need to support increasingly sophisticated features and functionality, are all factors driving the growth of connected car technologies," said Kasper Sage, Partner, BMW i Ventures. "Voice control will be integral to the vehicles of tomorrow."

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