Urgently SVP Alan Holman on location at Blair’s Towing & Recovery, a member of the Urgently Service Provider Network that is piloting the Roadie by SparkCharge® portable EV charging system.

June 30, 2021

Urgently Partners with SparkCharge to Bring On-Demand EV Charging to Smart Mobility Assistance

The alliance combines SparkCharge’s portable, modular, ultra-fast, electric vehicle charging system with Urgently’s Smart Mobility Assistance™ platform, marking an important step toward reliable electrification infrastructure and an enhanced EV ownership experience.

Urgently is excited to announce that we’re partnering with SparkCharge to bring on-demand electric vehicle charging to the roadside and mobility assistance programs we power for global brands in automotive, insurance, telematics and new technology transportation industries.

The partnership combines the Roadie by SparkCharge® portable, modular, ultra-fast, EV charging system with Urgently’s Smart Mobility Assistance™ platform, marking an important step toward increasing the accessibility and reach of electrification infrastructure.

“Mobile EV charging is among the innovative and vital services Urgently has identified to support our partners’ EV strategies and enhance the ownership experience for their customers,” said Chris Spanos, CEO and co-founder of Urgently. “We are excited to partner with SparkCharge to provide EV owners an enhanced sense of security that they will not be stranded without access to reliable on-demand charging assistance.”

“We want to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles on a global scale to create a cleaner, healthier, safer, and more sustainable world,” said Josh Aviv, CEO, SparkCharge. “We are excited to welcome Urgently into our network and partner with them to deliver smart mobility assistance with on-demand charging.”

Preparing for a Surge in EVs

Global EV sales grew 41% in 2020, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA expects this growth to continue, forecasting the number of EVs around the world to increase from about 10 million today to 145 million in 2030. Three key drivers will fuel this growth:

  • Costs: Battery costs continue to fall, enabling EVs to achieve cost parity with equivalent gas cars soon, not to mention well-known lower total cost of operation versus ownership.
  • Fleets: Companies and cities are converting fleets, which leads to bulk purchases that drive up sales numbers and further drive down prices. In addition, fleets often enjoy the strongest ROIs from battery electric vehicle (BEV) platforms.
  • Consumers: Batteries keep getting better, leading to greater efficiency, extended range and faster charge times, helping improve consumer sentiment.


Indeed, in our newly released white paper, The Upshift to Smart Mobility Assistance, Urgently cites electrification among the key factors influencing car ownership and driving trends.

With the anticipated surge in EV sales, along with increasingly aggressive electrification plans by governments, we see on-demand EV charging as an essential element of smart mobility assistance. The partnership with SparkCharge aligns with our smart mobility assistance strategy, and supports our network of roadside service professionals, many of whom are eager to expand their capabilities for servicing electric vehicles.

“We anticipate EV assistance calls will become a significant percentage of our business in the years ahead, so it’s imperative that our service capabilities keep pace,” said R. Blair Gentry, President of Blair’s Towing & Recovery, in Northern Virginia, and member of Urgently’s service provider network currently piloting the SparkCharge system. “We are truly excited to work with Urgently and SparkCharge to expand our service capabilities for our EV customers.”

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