March 21, 2019

Porsche Highlights as Strategic Partner

The team is inspired daily by the innovation and transformation happening in mobility – particularly among our global automotive partners. This week we were thrilled to see highlighted by the Porsche leadership team as one of the strategic partners it has assembled to transport its unique brand experience into the digital future.

At the recent 2019 Porsche Annual Press Conference, Porsche’s Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Member of the Executive Board for Finance and IT, Lutz Meschke described Porsche’s digital and global strategy, explaining, “In order to succeed in digital transformation, we need to tap into expertise and skilled labor. We are building a strong ecosystem with competent partners. Via equity interests and cooperative ventures, we are recruiting or obtaining external knowledge and integrating it into our company in a strategic manner.”

According to Meschke, Porsche has expanded its equity interests portfolio significantly in the past couple of months, among which, he said, is, “, the Uber for roadside assistance in the United States.”

“ is excited to be part of this journey with a brand as highly regarded as Porsche,” said CEO Chris Spanos. “And we are thrilled to support Porsche as it continues to deliver the highest brand experience for its customers – both owners and non-owners who will have innovative ways to engage with the Porsche brand.”

Watch the full Porsche press conference here.