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Driving Around Cedar Hill

Texas is certainly a huge state, and there’s so much to see. Cedar Hill, located in the Dallas and Ellis counties, is one city you don’t want to miss. Hop in your car, make sure you’ve downloaded the free Urgent.ly app, and hit the road. You’ll find Cedar Hill nestled just 16 miles southwest of bustling downtown Dallas and the surrounding metropolitan area, a suburb worth seeing. Surrounded by a host of natural wonders like Joe Pool Lake to the east and Cedar Hill State Park to the west, the town of Cedar Hill is considered part of the “Best Southwest.”

Hop in your car and drive along the streets of Cedar Hill, and you’ll spot history around almost every corner. Founded along the historic Chisholm Trail, Cedar Hill was once home to the county seat of Dallas and the largest settlement in Texas during the 1840s. After a tragic tornado struck in 1856, the town was destroyed – and Dallas earned itself the title of top Texas city. Cedar Hill is still quite well-known, though, with five homes on the National Register of Historic places and four historical structures on the list of Texas Historic Landmarks. Two graveyards are also highlights of the town, designated as Historical Texas Cemeteries. One of those graveyard is the oldest integrated cemetery in Dallas County, a spot you won’t want to skip on your Cedar Hill tour.

You can take Highway 67, the only large road, to cut right through the center of Cedar Hill. You’ll explore six different Texas zip codes: 75104, 75115, 75137, 75154, 75249, and 76065. Don’t worry about hitting any bumps in the road, either, as you hit each of the city’s historic spots. With Urgent.ly, assistance is always available so you can plan on a smooth driving experience. Any time you need a local tow truck, your Urgent.ly app is there to provide fast, efficient help to get you right back on the road.

Secure Roadside Assistance in Cedar Hill Easily

If you’re new to the Cedar Hill, Texas area, be prepared for anything. With so much to explore, you’ll spend a significant amount of time traveling through the city in your car – and unexpected problems can arise. A smart way to prepare is to download the free Urgent.ly app before heading out. If you need quick roadside assistance in Cedar Hill, or anywhere in Texas, Urgent.ly can direct a tow truck or repair provider right to your location within mere minutes. You don’t need to carry a special membership card or pre-pay a company to receive roadside assistance. With Urgent.ly, you just need your smartphone. We’ll put you in touch immediately with a helpful local tow truck or repair shop, who will come to your rescue with friendly, fast service. After all, we know you want to get back on the road quickly; Urgent.ly won’t cost you any more time or dollars than your service requires.

See the Sights of Cedar Hill

As you view the sights of Cedar Hill from the driver’s seat, you’ll want to stop at some of the most famous spots in town. An exciting place to visit is the First State Bank of Cedar Hill – now named Cedar Hill Barbers in historic downtown – the site of two bank robberies by Raymond Hamilton, the sidekick to Bonnie and Clyde. From there, you can head to a concert series in the local Cedar Hill parks, try out a mud run, and even drive your way to Six Flags Over Texas, a thrilling theme park with rollercoasters and adrenaline adventures for all.

You can also drive over to Cedar Hill’s neighboring cities, like Grand Prairie in the west, Dallas in the north, and DeSoto to the east. Just Cedar Hill alone offers 35.9 square miles of history and parkland to cover. Nicknamed the “hill country of Dallas,” Cedar Hill features native eastern red cedar evergreen trees, blending its suburban living with the natural forest. But traversing nature does come with some car-related risks – you might need a jump start or tow truck. Make sure to keep your Urgent.ly app handy and on your phone should your rustic road travel require some roadside assistance. Ultimately, spending time in Cedar Hill, Texas offers a combination of natural wonders and exciting history to explore around every turn.

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