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Flowers and Nature Abound atop the Mound in Flower Mound

If it’s a combination of natural beauty and history that you enjoy, Flower Mound is the perfect town – so grab your phone with the Urgent.ly app, and you can drive to the mound itself with no worry about any car trouble. Flower Mound earned its name thanks to its central feature: The Mound, a 12.5 acre hill 50 feet tall that’s part of the Texas blackland prairies. It was the Mound that attracted the first settlers to what would become the city of Flower Mound. In the 1840s, Presbyterians set up a religious camp in the site that would become the future Texas city. However, it wasn’t until 1961 that Flower Mound became an incorporated city. Flower Mound blossomed into a true city in the 1970s, when the nearby Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport opened its doors. Though its early days were small and slow in growth, today Flower Mound is the largest city in Texas, with the state’s biggest population. Ranked one of the best Dallas suburbs in by news media, Flower Mound spans both Denton and Tarrant counties. Sitting 20 miles northwest of Dallas and 25 miles northeast of Fort Worth, Flower Mound’s three zip codes (75022, 75028, 75027) form one of the most nature-filled towns in North Texas.

Urgent.ly is Your Key to Easy, Accessible Roadside Assistance in Flower Mound

Don’t hit the road in Flower Mound and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth region without downloading the Urgent.ly app. Free for all users and available for all smartphones, Urgent.ly is your best friend when problems appear while you’re on the road. When you encounter a problem, like a dead battery, a transmission issue, or a lack of gas, just open the Urgent.ly app. Urgent.ly will then connect you with local quality towing or repair assistance in the Flower Mound area. Your help will arrive as quickly as possible, and a local expert will service your car to get you back on the road in no time. Urgent.ly is always free to use; you’ll pay only for the work your car requires. The Urgent.ly app and roadside assistance process is an entirely new way to avoid getting stuck on the side of the road. There’s no need to search for free roadside assistance while you’re stranded; Urgent.ly does the work instead. Don’t leave home in Flower Mound without downloading Urgent.ly.

Visit More than the Mound When Exploring Flower Mound

There’s a wealth of natural beauty to see in Flower Mound, and much of that comes from the Mound itself. Usually covered in big and little bluestem, Indian grasses, and dozens of varieties of flowers, the Mound blossoms into stunning wildflowers every spring. The city itself rests on the basin of the Trinity River, another attractive natural sight to see. In addition to driving around Flower Mound to explore its natural attractions, you can take advantage of the town’s system of recreational bike paths. Because Flower Mound’s continuous growth resulted in traffic and road congestion, the city decided to make travel easier with scenic bike paths. There are 33 miles of paved hiking and biking paths throughout Flower Mound – as well as two miles of equestrian trails for those who prefer to ride on horseback. Flower Mound’s central location in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex along U.S. Route 377 and Interstates 35W and 635 makes it a central small town to see and experience. Just don’t forget Urgent.ly when you’re on your way to the Mound.

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