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Duncanville: a Texas City Filled with History and Small-Town Closeness

If you live in Duncanville, Texas, you already know that it’s one of the best cities of the southwest – and what better way to travel through such a town than with the Urgent.ly app? Urgent.ly connects drivers to local towing companies and auto repair experts so you’ll never end up stuck on the side of the road waiting for help that’s hours late. With Urgent.ly, you can explore all 11.3 square miles of Duncanville and its surrounding cities in the Best Southwest region: Cedar Hill, DeSoto, and Lancaster. Located in southern Dallas County, Duncanville took shape as a city thanks to the Duncan Switch, a stop along the Chicago, Texas, and Mexican Central Railway in 1880. It took time for Duncanville to grow. During World War II, the Army Air Corps established a landing field for training at the intersection of Duncanville’s central roads, Main and Wheatland. Still in use today, that training field became the Duncanville Air Force Station and the headquarters for missile launch sites during the Cold War. As you drive around Duncanville, you can still see the history of the railroad and the Air Force throughout its streets and neighborhoods.

Urgent.ly Provides Free Roadside Assistance in Duncanville and Other Texas Cities

Driving in Duncanville doesn’t mean you need to know all of the local auto repair shops in the event of car problems. That’s what Urgent.ly is for. This free smartphone app provides users with roadside assistance at any time, day or night, in Duncanville and other local Texas cities. When you need quality towing or a fast fix, Urgent.ly gets in touch with local auto repair experts and shops in your city and sends them to you. Wherever you are – on the side of the highway or in a residential neighborhood – Urgent.ly gets help to you as quickly as possible. There’s no reason to call a roadside assistance service and wait for an hour or longer in your broken-down car. Urgent.ly can solve your problem fast, and with friendly, experienced service. Your local towing company or repair shop will reach you and provide the service you need; you only pay for the work done. Urgent.ly is always free of charge, designed to solve one of driving’s biggest issues: the frustration of a breakdown.

Explore Duncanville’s Past on Main Street

Recognized as an official Main Street City by the Texas Historical Commission, Duncanville celebrates its roots with pride. Monuments, including one dedicated to the now-demolished Air Force base, are sprinkled throughout this Texas city. Drive down U.S. Route 67 to see eastern Duncanville, and you can check out the city’s historic Music Room. Get on Interstate 20, which passes through northern Duncanville, and you can visit the Duncanville Historical Park. The city’s single zip code, 75116, makes it easy to cover the city in the span of one day as you check out all the history available. If you visit Duncanville’s Main Street, the former home of the Duncan Switch, you can enjoy a farmers market once each month and browse local shops. Follow U.S. Highway 67 along the western part of Duncanville, and you’ll find the city’s biggest shopping centers. Just minutes from downtown Dallas and about 20 minutes from Fort Worth, Duncanville offers the small town environment all Texans love with instant access to all of the excitement located in the larger Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. And with Urgent.ly, it’s all reachable no matter what happens on the road as you drive through the Duncanville area.

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