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Hitting the Road in Cleveland: Bradley County’s Biggest City

You may know Cleveland, Tennessee inside and out, but do you know how to find local roadside assistance when you desperately need it? You don’t have to know if you have downloaded on your smartphone. This helpful app puts you in touch with Cleveland-area auto shops when your car breaks down and you need a tow. Don’t leave home without if you’re heading out and about town. Home to the county seat of Bradley County and the 14th biggest population in the state of Tennessee, Cleveland residents know their city is one of the best. The city’s been growing since the 1870s, when Cleveland became a hotspot for attorneys, doctors, and store owners. One of the first to be powered by city-wide electricity, Cleveland was once the go-to place for general stores, grocery store, and even saloons before the turn of the century. Today, Cleveland has come a long way from its mule-drawn trolley days. Instead of relying on mules for transportation, you’ve got your car and the always-available roadside assistance provides.

Keep in Your Pocket for Unexpected Car Trouble

You never expect your car to suddenly break down, but sudden crises can happen at any moment. While you’re out on the road, be smart and rely on the app. This free app available for all smartphone users makes it easy to get help whenever you need it. Have a flat tire? will provide local roadside assistance wherever you are in Cleveland, Tennessee and elsewhere in the state. Discover your car has a dead battery? Open your app, and you’ll immediately be connected with local auto repair shops in the nearby area. The app is free to use – you’ll only pair for your car repairs when a Cleveland-area mechanic arrives. turns car trouble into a minor inconvenience by providing you with friendly, quick service no matter where you travel. Rely on every day, and you’ll never scramble to find a tow truck in Cleveland or anywhere else again.  

Find a Blend of Different Landscapes Throughout Cleveland and Its Regions

Nestled in the center of Tennessee’s Bradley County hills and ridges, Cleveland invites you to explore its views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chickamauga Lake. Driving through the area’s landscape, you can spot both the Tennessee River and the Hiwassee River. If you love forests, head to the Cherokee National Forest. One of the best vacation spots in all of Tennessee, you’ll find opportunities to leave your car behind for hiking, picnicking, hunting, fishing, and even swimming in the forest’s lakes and rivers. Adventure seekers can try their hand at rafting on any Cleveland-area rivers. Follow the city’s major roadways to get to anywhere: U.S. Route 11 and U.S. Route 64 intersect right in the center of Cleveland. Follow U.S. Route 11, and you can head south to Chattanooga or north to Athens. Wherever your Cleveland travels take you throughout Tennessee, have your app ready to go. With, friendly and fast tow trucks and auto repair are never too far.

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