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Collierville: A City filled with Southern Charm

When you’re out and about in Collierville, Tennessee, you can explore southern history within the city limits – and don’t forget to download the free app before you step out of the house. A suburb within the Memphis metropolitan area, there’s a lot to see and experience in Collierville. The town is the second oldest in Tennessee’s Shelby County, though it had to completely rebuild after the Civil War. In 1863, General Sherman’s March to the Sea burned Collierville to the ground after one of the bloodiest battles in the entire county. Still today, though, Collierville captures its historic origins. Large houses reminiscent of old southern traditions span the sidewalks, and popular companies like Pepsi line Highway 72, offering a mix of hometown feel with bustling industry. Spanning Collierville’s zip codes of 38017, 38139, and 38125 are the suburb’s nearly 44,000 residents, more than 350 acres of natural land, and 30 athletic fields in 19 city parks. In Collierville, local help is always nearby with


Collierville is a bustling town with highways, interstates, and major thoroughfares bordering and dividing its city limits. While you’re on the road, rely on the free app. When your car breaks down, your tire goes flat, or your car battery dies, is all you need. Open the immediate roadside assistance app, and local auto repair shops are directed to your location. Help will arrive quickly, whether you need a tow truck, a jump start, or even bigger roadside repairs. is free to download and to use – there’s no monthly membership fee or usage fee. Whenever you need help on the highway, is there in Collierville or nearby Memphis. sends a local auto shop to your location, where the friendly experts will resolve your car trouble. All you have to do is pay for the service you receive from the repair tow truck.

Things to do in Collierville

With an average of 216 sunny days every year, there’s always a bright future ahead in Collierville. This Tennessee town is a hub of activity, with Interstate 269, SR 385, U.S. Route 72, and State Routes 385, 175, 205, 86, and 57 all running through the city. All of these highways connect Collierville to the big city of Memphis, but you don’t need to escape far to find a whole lot of fun. Collierville Town Square, right in the center of town, has been a source of enjoyment for Collierville residents since the Civil War. In the town square and surrounding streets, you can check out the annual Cheese Carnival, Watermelon Festival, or even the Mulberry Fine Arts Festival throughout the year. Ranked by Parade Magazine as “The Best Main Street in America,” Collierville, Tennessee is the perfect place to spend one of the city’s sunny days. While you traverse the sights, eats, and shops of the town square or head out into the Tennessee Delta, is with you. Whatever you and your car encounter, local Collierville auto shops are always just one app away.

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