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Driving Around Germantown

Get out and about in Germantown, Tennessee, and you’ll find history at every turn. No matter where you need to go, with you’re never far from friendly roadside assistance in Germantown and its environs. Hit the road to discover a flat tire? If you need roadside assistance in Germantown or struggle with an unreliable car, you can use the app to find help fast. We’ll send a helpful tow truck to your location thanks to our database of local providers, all of whom offer quick, reliable service.

A suburb of Memphis and a quiet town resting in the eastern part of Shelby County, in its earliest days in the 1800s, Germantown was held together by the railroad that ran through the center of the city. The suburb was originally an outpost along the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, a hub for those traveling west. Today, the railroad is still at the heart of Germantown’s city center – visit the “Old Germantown” district, and you can see a recreation of the original railroad depot built in 1868. Visit those original railroad tracks throughout town, and you can see history come alive for yourself.

Traverse Germantown’s streets, and you’ll discover all the town’s 17.6 square miles. Encompassing just two zip codes, 38120 and 38138, the suburb is easy to navigate. Visitors can hop on SR 175, which crosses into Germantown via South Germantown Road for almost two miles. Or, you can drive along SR 177, which begins in southeastern Memphis and runs directly through Germantown until it interests with Route 72 and SR 57. Speed limits do max out at 40 miles per hour, so keep your wheels rolling slowly to avoid any roadside troubles.

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Should you find yourself stranded on the side of the road as you traverse all Germantown, Tennessee offers, help is easy to find. Don’t fret about paying high fees to a towing services club or organization; today, you can flag down affordable tow trucks or roadside assistance with, which is free and available anywhere you travel. Download the app for no cost, and you’ll be immediately connected to a roadside assistance provider near your location. Once help arrives, you’ll only need to pay for the services you need–absolutely nothing more. Our repair and roadside assistance teams will get you back on the road with speed, efficiency, and ease.

Enjoying the Sights and Tastes of Germantown

A pleasant and simple suburb, Germantown is filled with retail shops and small businesses. Stop by the Germantown Performing Arts Center, and you can catch incredible performances by the local orchestra, jazz bands, and even student arts programs. In the fall, Germantown celebrates the change of seasons with an arts and crafts fair featuring rides, live entertainment, and delicious food.

Speaking of food, visitors won’t want to pass through this Tennessee highway town without stopping at Germantown Commissary. This hot local restaurant serves up world-famous Memphis barbeque dishes, and it’s been a favorite for nearly 100 years. And don’t leave Germantown without a visit to Soul Fish Café, the perfect spot to snack on traditional Southern soul food. With plenty of catfish, home-style veggies, and a list of daily specials, it’s a casual restaurant full of flavor.

Germantown may be an easygoing southern town, but it’s won many accolades. It’s one of the top 10 cities for working parents, with plenty for kids to enjoy while their parents are hard at work. With a total of 27 parks inside the Germantown city limits, you can drive around all day to visit places like Oaklawn Garden, a beautiful botanical garden in the heart of town. Hop in your car, and you can explore more than 700 acres of green parkland. Fortunately, with one of the lowest crime rates in the entire U.S., Germantown is also incredibly safe. If your car runs into problems, local roadside assistance is ready to respond. Who wants to stop exploring when you can get back on the road with

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